International Students, Thousands of Miles Away, Still Grinding and Learning Chinese!

The epidemic has cut off the movement of people in the world. During this time, we have lost the presence of most of our international students on campus. Many students may be curious: what are they doing thousands of miles away? The answer: still grinding and learning Chinese!

According to UNESCO, among the ten most difficult languages in the world, Chinese ranks first. A big thumbs up to those who want to learn Chinese.

While the new students who had to take classes online from the beginning of their enrollment last September regretted that they could not come to the real campus, they did not lose any momentum in their study!

Student Voices

Bas from the Netherlands watches Chinese TV series and listens to Chinese songs whenever he has time. When he doesn’t understand, he asks:

Markus from Switzerland said he would like to see his schoolmates very much…

Although the time difference and distance presented many challenges, the process of language learning was tough but enjoyable. Listen to Céline from Belgium:

Some of them are die-hard fans of Chinese characters. After studying Chinese, they can write beautiful Chinese characters.

Some showed their talent in pronunciation; they could recite “Thoughts in the Silent Night” with proper cadence after only one semester.



Others, under the guidance of their Chinese teacher, carried out “brainstorming” and summarized their Chinese knowledge with mind maps.s

Hard work will pay off.

Hard work will pay off. After more than a year of study, some students with excellent professional backgrounds and well-trained language skills, successfully passed Chinese interviews of famous enterprises when they were applying for jobs. This is a great incentive for both students and teachers. Learning and putting into practice is the biggest form of growth!

Never forget, there will be echoes.

“Never forget, there will be echoes.” Every Chinese teacher is like a bridge, a bridge of language and culture transmission, leading students to immerse themselves in the ocean of Chinese language, characters and Chinese culture.

Best Wishes!

In 2021, we hope international students will make persistent efforts to reach a higher level of Chinese! From here, we wish peace. May we soon meet! Temporary parting is for a better reunion.

Written by PKUSZ General Education Center Chinese Language Learning Team (通识中心汉语组)