Restaurants and Nightlife

Located at the southern end of Guangdong province, you will undoubtedly find many restaurants dedicated to the distinct flavors of Guangdong cuisine, but you can easily find the other seven cuisines of China all over the city. And with a steadily growing expat population, non-Chinese cuisines are readily available should one’s palate need a taste of something else. Japanese and Korean food can be found within walking distance of campus, while going further into the city will reward you with cuisines from all over the globe. Our campus itself also offers some western comforts with a pizzeria, a sandwich shop, and a Starbucks. As for nightlife, bars can be found all over the city, from upscale venues to curbside barbecue joints serving into the wee hours of the morning. Coco Park and Seaworld are entertainment districts geared towards a more traditional club and bar nightlife that you may be more accustomed to as a foreigner.

What to Eat in Shenzhen
  1. Easy Wraps: Refreshing vegan cuisine
    Xili 366 Pedestrian Street, Nanshan District
  2. Beef Hot Pot: A type of hot pot special to this province
    Chains all over the city
  3. Artisans: Authentic gourmet American pizza                                                  6 Wenxin Street, Poly Cultural Plaza, Nanshan District   
  4. Boiling Point: Taiwanese Smelly Pot  (沸点)                                                                   海德三道19号海岸城2楼219 南山区深圳市                                                                                  19 Haide San Road, 219 Coastal City Building 2, Nanshan District
  5. Dian Dou De: Traditional Dim Sum (点都得)
    海德三道199号天利中央广场F3                                                                                             Coastal City, Tianli Yang Mall Floor 3, Nanshan District

Check back periodically to see new reviews as our staff writers continue to explore restaurants around the city.

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