Restaurant Review: Artisans

  In the heart of Coastal City, Shenzhen, there is a small restaurant that has been melting the hearts of foreigners and locals alike with their delicious food and warm environment, its name is Artisans. Slow jazz playing in the background, a friendly owner greeting you at the door, and delicious gourmet pizza waiting to … More Restaurant Review: Artisans

Faces of Nanyan | 人在南燕

“This Christmas Eve I received much love and happiness, but there’s also a hint of sadness in it. I am thankful to my lovely friends for their presents on Christmas Eve. The thing is, along the way you drift apart from some people. It’s a little sad, because we really did love each other.” “这个平安夜巨大的开心中带着些微的伤感。感谢各位平安夜小天使的礼物。另外,有些人真的走着走着就散了,有点难过,毕竟真的好过。” … More Faces of Nanyan | 人在南燕

Faces of Nanyan | 人在南燕

“This weekend is a normal weekend, no big plans. I will just study a little bit. I finished my exams; I had two on the same day, so I feel a little relieved. I will probably take a rest. But if I’m in good shape, I might go to Hong Kong for hiking.” “这个周末是一个寻常的周末,没什么大的安排。我会花点时间学习,我刚考完试,一天有两个考试,所以现在安心了。周末可能会休息一下,但如果有精力的话,我也可能去香港爬山。” As … More Faces of Nanyan | 人在南燕

CA Program Hosts Intro to Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

The cold wind arises suddenly and the air of happiness grows immediately. On December 16, 2017, a Chinese Calligraphy workshop for international students was successfully held by the Campus Advisor (CA) Program. This event attracted international students who are interested in Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese culture. Moreover, the organizers of this party also participated, including … More CA Program Hosts Intro to Chinese Calligraphy Workshop