5th Anniversary of our Site!

This spring term of 2021, we are celebrating the very special 5th anniversary of the Nanyan Observer’s online blog: thenanyan.com! The Nanyan Observer is the voice of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Nanyan News Organization’s English Team.

The blog has grown a lot over the years, but we have always been a dedicated student organization putting our hearts into our work. The website is a major platform for sharing our community and life in China with the outside world.

 Here are some amazing accomplishments in the first 5 years!

  • Visitors from 176 different countries/regions
  • Team members from 16 different countries
  • Total of 155,285 words published
  • Most views in one day: 640
  • 222 articles posted


(Volunteer Tan Xinyu and her teammates @ Huawei Developer Conference 2021)

  • In STUDENT VOICES, you may find profiles and opinions of prominent students, alumni and student associations from Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. Students share about breakfast with which they start their days; internships with which they develop practical skills and local network; indoor laboratory and outdoor investigatory fields where they conduct researches and strive for postgraduate degrees

(Cristiano Chiang, PHBS student from Italy @ FJ Dynamics, the company where he interned)

  • LIFE IN SHENZHEN is connected to your extracurricular life the most. From time to time, we’ll post food reviews and travel posts that recommend attractive spots for refreshing yourself during busy school life. Besides, it gives the basic picture of Shenzhen. For example, the restaurants and nightlife, outdoor recreation, transportation, weather, shopping mall, life around campus and the town. Do you want to explore the city? Check out this channel!

(Former Nanyan reporter Seimar Solano Nelson @ an Interactive Lab in Shenzhen)

(Cute kitten @ University Town calling for food)

  • Click “ABOUT” and you will meet our current team. We now have four functioning sectors covering daily reporting, photographing and editing, video-making, translation-assisting and platform-operating.

Here are some current voices:

President Daisy Xia has been a part of the Nanyan English Team for three years. “It will be the most memorable experience in my life. It was a great pleasure to see our articles being read and shared by readers from all over the world! Many thanks to every news writer and website designer, without your contribution, we couldn’t reach our goals. Wish the Nanyan Observer site a bright future!” she said.

Vice President Raihbooo Yan also feels happy to be a part of the family. “Here, everyone gets along very harmoniously and happily in an international context. It is even happier to document our campus with a group of interesting people.”

Rosy Wu, a team member since 2019 agrees with them: “I have joined the Nanyan team for 2 years. I interviewed charming professors, joined amazing parties and met many good friends! I wish our website and community a promising future! ^ – ^”

We are honored for our blog to be having its 5th birthday! We will remain dedicated to generating both high-quality information and entertaining content. Thank you to all the reporters and directors in the past years for your diligent work! We also thank our readers and audience for your company and encouragement! Wish our blog offers a helping-hand and a good laugh forever!

Written by Miko Jiang

Photos from original articles