STL Holds 2017 PILF Public Interest Auction

A Hong Kong Victoria Harbour dinner cruise for up to 15 students, classic Chinese calligraphy written by Chancellor Wu Yundong, a home-cooked American southern-style dinner with Dean Yandle, private plane from Geneva to Cannes, Korean barbecue accompanied by Professor Kang’s piano performance at a Korean barbecue restaurant. These were just a few of the items up for auction during “Bid for a Change”, the 3rd PILF Public Interest Auction held at the new building of School of Transnational Law on April 15. … More STL Holds 2017 PILF Public Interest Auction

Student Profile: Eduardo Meythaler

Eduardo Meythaler was studying business and finance at the Universidad de Los Hemisferios in Quito, Ecuador when he realized he wanted to move to China. While in school, he also worked in the finance department of a construction company whose main client was Huawei—a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturer, which is now the world’s largest. As a result of their dealings, he decided to study Mandarin and pursue a master’s degree here in China. … More Student Profile: Eduardo Meythaler

Tomb-sweeping Day: The story behind Qingming Festival

Tomb-sweeping Day, which is also called Qingming Festival, is one of the most important festivals in China. It is around April 4th every calendar year, the fifteenth day after vernal equinox. Its history can be dated back to more than two thousand years ago, around the Spring and Autumn Era. Tomb-sweeping Day is very influential in … More Tomb-sweeping Day: The story behind Qingming Festival