Meet the Team

The Nanyan Observer team consists of students from various schools here at PKU Shenzhen. They are a diverse and hardworking bunch that continually defy their busy schedules to bring you original English content from our university. focuses on articles of interest to international students and those abroad trying to get an idea of what life is like here. As such, many of our team’s articles are written for print. You can view the PDFs for our print editions at the Nanyan Observer Newspaper Archive.

Luo Jiechunyi, English Branch President

Luo Jiechunyi is a first-year student at the School of Environment and Energy from Dongguan, the city next to Shenzhen. Chunyi enjoys doing yoga and playing the drums in her spare time. After graduating in 2021, she might further her studies and meanwhile, keep on pursuing her dream, which is traveling around the world.

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Dominika Mindekova, Chief Editor

Dominika Mindekova is a third-year management student at the PKU HSBC Business School (PHBS). She hails from Zvolen, Slovakia and enjoys traveling, within China especially! When not reading from her favorite author Ernest Hemingway, she likes to do creative projects, practice yoga, and learn foreign languages. After her graduation in 2019, she would like to start her own business.

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Claudia Fauzi, Senior Staff Writer

Claudia Fauzi is a second year student from the School of Transnational Law. She is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. In her spare time she enjoys traveling around Shenzhen and Hong Kong, but also loves watching Netflix. She plans to graduate in 2019 and would like to pursue a career as a lawyer or lecturer in Indonesia and continue her parent’s business.

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Mei Siyu, Senior Staff Writer

Siyu is a full-time student of the School of Environment and Energy . She comes from a beautiful town in Anhui Province which is famous for creating the Chinese traditional Xuan paper . She is a typical Aquarius — positive, creative and unpredictable, so she is willing to participate in any interesting activities. She is also a photographer at the Vision & Design Studio. You may catch her with her camera  anywhere on campus.

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Daniel Bonfil, Senior Staff Writer

Dany Bonfil (迪远) is a freshman International Economics student of Peking University HSBC Business School. Born and raised in Mexico City, Dany is a Financial Management graduate with experience in Tourism Real Estate Consultancy and Debt Issuance in the Mexican Ministry of Finance. He is a sports and photography enthusiast, loves food specially Guangdong and Hunan styles and he is working hard on his Chinese language skills. Dany is eager to travel around China yet his favorite spot so far is Tibet.

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Lewis D-G, Senior Staff Writer

Lewis D-G (狄来文) is a freshman studying a Masters of Economics at the HSBC Business School. Representing Melbourne Australia, Lewis is loving the Guangdong food and tea culture! In his spare time Lewis loves traveling, eating, and experiencing all that China has to offer. Currently pursuing his Chartered Accountancy and a Translating License, upon graduating in 2020 Lewis aims to specialize in trade opportunities between China and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Xia Zhidan, Senior Staff Writer

 Xia Zhidan is a 2L student at PKU School of Transnational Law (STL) from Hunan Province. She likes traveling to have different experiences and make new friends. After graduating in 2022, she would like to pursue a career as a lawyer

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Zhang Wendou, Senior Staff Writer

Zhang Wendou is from the School of Chemical Biology and Biotechnology. His hometown is Siping, Lilin Province. He has his heart set on discovering the secrets of science. He also likes playing the piano, taking photos, and traveling. He has great interest in international politics and hopes he can be a teacher in a university after graduation from PKU in 2023.

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Rosy Wu, Senior Staff Writer

Rosy Wu is a 2L student in PKU School of Transnational Law (STL) from Suzhou, Jiangsu. She enjoys food (hot pot), movies, music, reading, and traveling. By experiencing different cultures and meeting with different people from diversified countries, she finds herself getting to know the world better. Rosy believes the most important thing to remember is: no matter where you go, go with your heart.

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Chen Yingying, Junior Staff Writer

Chen Yingying is from the School of Urban Planning and Design. He wants to be an Urban Designer. Recently, he has been doing a lot of dancing and Locking. He would like to jump in a night club and shuffle.

Miko Jiang, Junior Staff Writer

Miko Jiang is a second year student at PKU School of Transnational Law (STL) . She comes from Shandong province and spent four years in Chongqing for her bachelor’s degree in English literature. Miko is definitely a foodie who loves to explore every corner of Shenzhen for specials. She believes food brings us not only fat but also stories. Moreover, gender equality and non-violent conversations have been her concerns for years. Thus, she is striving to be a great lawyer in the future.

Jackson Boyd, Junior Staff Writer

Jackson Boyd is an MBA student from the United States on exchange at PHBS. He enjoys all kinds of sports, music, and exploring Shenzhen in his free time. If Jackson doesn’t decide to run away and join the circus, he will probably return to Intel as a financial analyst.

Yan Runhua, Junior Staff Writer

Yan Runhua is a student of PKU School of Environment and Energy (SEE) from Changsha, Hunan province. She enjoys traveling to new places and trying local food, exercising for a nice figure, and watching films and going shopping for fun. After graduation, she will work in a field related to her major.

Ulvi Jafarli, Junior Staff Writer

Ulvi Jafarli is currently a Master’s of Management student at PHBS from Azerbaijan. He did his BBA in Beijing and has lived in China for 5 years. During that time he has learned to speak some Chinese. His hobbies are mostly related with martial arts, especially judo, karate, wrestling. He has done martial arts for over a decade and participated in  many competitions. After graduation, Ulvi plans to stay and work in China.

Jiang Dongyuan, Junior Staff Writer

Jiang Dongyuan is a 2L student from PKU’s School of Transnational Law. He likes sleeping, and his pursuit is to have good sleep even after graduation.

Hari Vamsi, Junior Staff Writer

Hari Vamsi is a first year international student from India studying Master’s of Management at PHBS. In his free time, he loves exploring new things, traveling, and making new friends. He also loves Shenzhen, which is the Silicon Valley of Asia. After graduation, he would love to work in a challenging environment to strengthen his knowledge and management skills.