A PKU Shenzhen Packing List


You can find hundreds of expertly curated packing lists online and those are all a great place to start! The Nanyan is here to add our version specifically for students moving here to Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. In general, we don’t advise packing a lot of things that you will need to bring home because chances are you’ll pick up quite a few things here.

After consulting international students, here are some things to consider making space for in your suitcase:

  • Lightweight clothes: Clothes are quite cheap and easy to buy in China, and more often than not, students choose to leave their clothes in behind to bring home other purchases made here. Keep in mind that sizes often run smaller here, so be sure to pack accordingly if you have size concerns.
  • Shoes: It rains a lot here in the hotter months! That will ruin your nicer pairs of shoes, so be mindful of which pairs you bring over.
  • Exercise clothes/swimsuit: Our campus has gym facilities and a great pool!
  • Insect repellent: The ones sold domestically don’t seem to very effective in fighting the aggressive summer mosquitoes and flies. For some reason, repellents from abroad really do the trick.
  • Medicine: Pharmacies here are pretty good, but when you’re sick you just want to reach for the medicines you know and are comfortable with. Pack a starter set of basic things that you can later refill here: cold and flu, anti-diarrheal, aspirin/ibuprofen. For specific prescriptions and antibiotics, you’re better off filling those at home and bringing them over yourself.
  • Feminine hygiene products: In particular, tampons are often difficult to find here so it’s a good idea to pack accordingly.
  • Deodorant: Only sold here at specific stores.
  • E-book reader: English/foreign language books aren’t the most well-supplied sections of stores here. If you’re big on reading, an e-reader will be super helpful!
  • Photos/mementos from home: Culture shock will happen to the best of us, small things to make your dorm room cozier go a long way!
  • Small gifts: Things specific to your country that may make nice gifts for your Chinese friends

Do you have suggestions or any questions? Contact the International Affairs Manager via email at nathanf[at]pkusz.edu.cn.

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