6 Hot Chinese App Recommendations to Try in China (or Anywhere!)


Nowadays, more and more people rely on their phones, we use it to manage our lives. Some get the vibe of the world through the small screens. Others innovate and inspire people, changing and influencing the  world through countless efforts.

 What’s the list of the apps that you use most frequently? What are your favorite apps?

While most everyone has ride sharing apps, the main online shopping apps and their favorite social media platforms, there is still plenty out of unexplored apps out there to try.

Curious about what new apps are on the scene? After research and discussion, here are several great apps making waves now in China that we want to recommend for life here or for those interested in the latest tech.

1. Mubu (幕布) – Master your note taking

Availability: Chinese app stores, Windows desktop download

Mubu is an app designed for people to take notes. It helps you to organize your ideas in a more structural way. It is easy to use. In no time, you can be creating your own outlines with the app. In addition, users can easily share notes through links and the content is synchronized when switching among different devices. The function to create mind-maps is complete with categorization, pictures and descriptions.  

2. Duitang (堆糖) – Access library of captivating images

Availability: Chinese app stores, Website

Have you ever been upset because you cannot find beautiful pictures for your social media content or desktop? Try Duitang (堆糖). It is an app used to find images for all kinds of purposes. It has a thorough and detailed categorization of pictures based on the purpose of usage or the features of the images. You can also post or create your own folder of pictures.

3. Shiguangxu (时光序) – Tidying up your time

Availability: International app stores, MacOS, Windows desktop

Forgetting the important dates or some crucial things is awful and frustrating. To avoid such tragedies, use Shiguangxu (时光序) to help you memorize instead. Not only can it give you a sense of ritual but it also helps you keep track of business or study tasks. It has various personalized settings or methods to create your preferred way of writing down matters. Don’t miss this useful app!

4. Mono(猫弄) – Curating your online magazine

Availability: International app stores

Mono is an interesting and special reading platform. It aims at protecting and promoting the delight of reading. You could use the resources of the platform to make your own poster based on one of your interests and share it in the community. The date and a motto are automatically generated and designed for you by the platform. Many different groups of various topics are active, which provides you an opportunity to make more friends with the same interest and be fully engaged. Hope you can have fun and find a sense of belonging within a small, like-minded community on Mono.

5. Madouyuepai (麻豆约拍) – Make yourself the model

Availability: International app stores, Website

Do you want to be a model? Do you want to explore the different beautiful and glamorous versions of yourself? Madouyuepai (麻豆约拍) would be a great place to start and try. It is a serious platform designed for people who want models or need photographers (most for free!). If portrait photography is your hobby, it can be your platform for finding models. Hobbyist photographers post their requirements for models and representative works. Everyone can contact and negotiate with each other in a relatively safe online environment. Many people connect for free. However, carefully distinguishing the information to protect oneself is also necessary when using it.

6. 1688 – Exclusive deals and custom items

Availability: International app stores, Website

Alibaba has another platform for shopping besides the well-known Taobao. Although 1688 is aimed at businesses who want to make bulk purchases of goods with low price and large quantities, ordinary people can also benefit from the platform’s low prices. If you need custom designed T-shirts for your club, this platform would offer you more bang for your buck than those of other places. It would be the same if you want to hoard something like tissues or pens. Keep it in mind for your next event planning task or big shopping needs!

Written by Wang Haozhe


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