PKUSZ Defends Championship Title Five Years Running at Peking Games

The 23rd Peking University Sports Games were held in Beijing’s May Fourth Stadium for two days beginning April 24, 2016. PKU Shenzhen sent a team of 29 athletes (15 male and 14 female), including five international students. In a fierce two-day competition, the athletes from our school showed excellent performances in both individual competitions and tacit cooperation in the team competitions with 7 gold medals in the track and field games. Our graduate school finally won first prize with the score of 230 in the first division group, an impressive 78 points above second place. PKU Shenzhen has won first prize for five consecutive years and protected the invincible reputation of our school in the competition field.

Though tryouts and rigorous training lasted for over one month, athletes together with the coaching teachers Hu Jijie and Qin Efei from Shenzhen graduate school flew to Beijing on April, 20th and hunkered down for intense competition prep immediately. During the first day of the game, the athletes from our graduate school went straight to finals without any suspense according to the excellent performances in the preliminary contests of the running races for the male and female 100-meter, 200-meter and 400-meter. Additionally, PKUSZ won the second and fourth prizes in the long jump division for women and fourth prize in the sit-up division. In the following finals, we won the seventh and eighth prizes in the running race of 1500-meter for women, fifth prize in the men’s 1000m running, the second and fifth prizes of the women’s 5000m running race, fourth prize in the men’s 5000m running race and seventh prize in the group game of jump rope.

On the second day, the athletes kept the competitive status and without any regrets they won seven gold medals in the events of 200m and 400m women’s running races for women, women’s 4*100 and 4*400 relays, women’s shot-put and group whirlwind running race. PKUSZ also had great scores in other events, such as the second and seventh prizes in the women’s 100m running race, the seventh prize in the 400m running race and men’s 4*100 relay, third place in the women’s standing long jump, the sixth and eighth prizes in the men’s long jump, the seventh prize in the men’s standing jump, and the fifth and seventh prizes in the men’s 800m running race. As for the group events,we won the fourth prize in the event of ‘hot wheels’, third prize in the events of ‘sea dragon running’ and team bench.

During these sports games, there was a slogan hung in the May Fourth Stadium, saying “Please cherish the people that remind you to do sports” from the premier Li Keqiang. Victory is also not only seen in the final scores but also is a kind of spirit in and of itself. Defending the title for the fifth consecutive year encapsulates the hardworking spirit of our Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School students.

Article and photographs by 王可佳 张祺
Translated by Diana Yan


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