PHBS Holds Annual Autumn Outing at Xichong Beach


After a two hour bus ride on Wednesday, September 21st, PHBS first-year students and staff gathered at Xichong Beach in Shenzhen’s Longgang District. The beautiful sea immediately fascinated all the students, distracting them from the heavy burden of studies.

Though it was a scorcher of a day, students took an active part in the day’s activities. Before the beach activities, all the first-year students and staff of PHBS gathered for a group photo in front of the clear, blue South China Sea. Then students whole-heartedly participated in multiple games, including tug-o-war, ‘Rescue the Ping-Pong Ball’, volleyball games and surfing.

In tug-o-war, players spared no effort to pull the rope amid the deafening roar of support from their classmates. Finally, after three rounds of fierce competition, the economics class was crowned champion. During ‘Rescue the Ping-Pong Ball’, all students were grouped into 22 teams to accomplish the task cooperatively. A couple of students were assigned to pour seawater into a leaky pipe and others blocked the holes with their hands or feet. Though the task was tough, every team tried their best to accomplish it. Afterwards, a lot of students bravely walked into the sea hand-in-hand to feel the waves. They screamed and laughed happily in the sunset.

After a hearty supper along the beach, students gathered around the stage and enjoyed a bonfire party. Students prepared various singing and dancing performances for the evening. The day also happened to be PHBS Dean Hai Wen’s birthday, so students sent sincere birthday wishes to him over the phone. The night ended with a beautiful Chinese song entitled “Unforgettable Night”. Everyone will surely remember the day spent at the beach with their new friends at PHBS.


Reported by Xu Ying
Photos by 张善学、武文韬、陈思佳、卓楠、杨光