2017 Graduation Ceremony successfully held on 1st July

On July 1st 2017, the Graduation Ceremony for the class of 2017 commenced in the PHBS Auditorium. On this day, we have 864 graduates, amongst which there are 52 Phd graduates and 812 Master graduates, including 41 international students.

Distinguished guests including Peking University Vice Principle and Academician Gao Song, Dean of PHBS Hai Wen, Chancellor Wu Yun Dong, Vice Chancellors Bai Zhi Qiang, Tan Wen Chang, Tu Xin Zhong, Niu Hong Wei, Tu Huan, Philip McConnaughay and Zeng Hui, Vice Party Secretary An Xiao Peng and Ren Ting, as well as our outstanding alumnus Zhang Quan Ling were present at the ceremony.

Before the ceremony officially started, a music video <As We Walk Through Nanyan Together> showcased the scenaries of our lovely campus, featuring places such as the WuSi Tower, Mirror Lake, Li Shui Rd and the Rainbow Bridge. Each school sent out one representative to participate in the singing of the song. At the end of the music video, there was a very special moment where all students picked up the school emblem given to them and pinned it onto the student beside them. This was done for the first time, and was followed by a sing-along with the song <Love for PKU>.


The ceremony officialy began as PKU Shenzhen Party Secretary and Vice Chancellor Tan Wen Chang, host for the day, announced its start. First, eight graduate student representatives representing each individual school came on stage and expressed their love and gratitude for the school. They each looked back at the lessons they learned throughout the years here, both academically and personally. As they departed from Nanyan, they would forever remember the values instilled into them and move on with the PKU spirit.


Next, faculty representative, associate professor Lin Xin Nan from SECE  gave advice for the graduating class: to be able to sacrefice one’s own profit for the greater good of the society. As a PKUer, we have to be well-versed in the following four aspects: communication, internationalized vision, self-discipline and endurance. As a Nanyan-er in particular, we not only have to inherit the heritage of PKU, but also learn from the pioneering spirit of Shenzhen and shoulder on responsibilities for our nation and people.

Outstanding alumnus Zhang Quan Ling spoke next. Once a famous news anchor and now an investor and entrepreneur, she hoped that students would all have an interesting soul, to be able to accept diferences, admire them and even try them.


Academician and Chancellor Wu Yun Dong shared his unique viewpoint centering around the theme of Love. He emphasized the importance of love as the ultimate question of life. Education is not only the passing of knowledge, it is also the inheritance of love. Science is the love for nature and all things, and culture and arts express the love for civilization and the beauty of life. There is no standards to love, because it is all encompassing, and this is in line with the spirit of PKU. At the end of his speech, Chancellor Wu presented a short poem for the graduates, asking them to belive in love.


Academician and Vice Principle Gao Song centered his speech on the theme of pioneering spirits, as observed in PKU, Shenzhen city and PKU Shenzhen. Peking University, since its birth, has been tied to the fate of the country, and the school has participated in historical moments of revolution. Shenzhen as a forerunner of the reforms of China, is also a display of pioneering spirit, in the 40 years that it took to develop from fishing villages to an internationalized city. PKU Shenzhen also embodies the same spirit as it started almost from scratch as the only PKU campus outside of Beijing. Vice Principle Gao reminded everyone not to forget that pioneering spirit.

After the excellent speeches, Vice Chancellor Bai Zhi Qiang and Zeng Hui read the list of Outstanding Master Graduates and Phd Graduates respectively, as Vice Principle Gao Song and Chancellor Wu proceeded with the tassel turning and presented the certificates to the students. The individual schools then proceeded with the ceremony as Chancellor Wu turned the tassel and shook hands with each graduate.

The ceremony came to an end with everyone singing the song  <Move On>, and all faculties headed out first in two lines to say goodbye to the students as they leave the auditorium.

The graduates not only took home their diploma and memories, they also each received a graduation package including a PKU T-shirt, a Yan Yuan notebook, a special set of bookmarks and postcards. These are not only gifts from the school to the students, but they are also best wishes that the school hopes for the students to take with them wherever they may go in the future.

Written by: Wandong Yang






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