CA Program Hosts Intro to Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Group pic

The cold wind arises suddenly and the air of happiness grows immediately. On December 16, 2017, a Chinese Calligraphy workshop for international students was successfully held by the Campus Advisor (CA) Program. This event attracted international students who are interested in Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese culture. Moreover, the organizers of this party also participated, including International Affairs Manager, Megan Mancenido; Campus Advisors, Cheng Shi, Li Chaofan, Liang Chenyang, Xiao Dan, and Wang Yilin; and members of Nanyan Calligraphy Association, Sun Zhipeng, Xi Wei, Yi Duo.

In the beginning of this party, members from Nanyan Calligraphy Association gave a brief introduction on the origin, essence and basic instruments of Chinese calligraphy, as well as basic writing skills. Then, Sun Zhipeng showed in detail the handwriting of a Chinese letter, “fu”, which represents happiness. After finishing each stroke, he would give a specific description as to the writing skills of this stroke by pen brush. (4)

Other members of Nanyan Calligraphy Association and CAs observed the writing processes of each international student and gave them one-on-one suggestions in their writings. Even though this event was only two hours, each participant accomplished their own “masterpiece” and took some of their favorites back to decorate their dorms.

At the end of this event, Tim, a second-year international student from PHBS said: “I do enjoy this event. It was really helpful for me to have the introduction of Chinese Calligraphy through PPT at the beginning. All in all, the whole process of learning Chinese calligraphy is wonderful!” Another international student Ekaterina praised: “This event is really good. I like Chinese Calligraphy!”

Reported by Li Chaofan (CA Smiley)
Photos by Anastacia Shi, Wang Yilin