Interview with Sha Wei, Songwriter and “Best Performer” at University Town Campus Singer Competition

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On September 25th, the UTSZ managing office held the 6th “Art Creation” Campus Singer Competition and 2018 Welcome Party of University Town of Shenzhen. The goal of the event was to give a “welcome present” to all the teachers and students of UTSZ. Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Southern University of Science and Technology, and Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology supported this activity as co-organizers.

More than 100 contestants from the different universities and institutes participated in the qualifying rounds, and the best of the best were selected to perform for the excited crowd at this event. Notably, many foreign students, teachers, and professors also actively participated in the competition, making the evening a unique opportunity for the entire UTSZ to come together. Organizers invited representatives from various districts of University Town to serve as the judges who had the difficult job of choosing the best among the many fine contestants.

Some performers wrote their own songs, one of them was our very own PKU doctoral student, Sha Wei. Most of his songs are based on personal experience as well as emotions, which was visible in his outstanding on-stage performance. We decided to catch up with Sha Wei after the show to talk about his art and his plans for the future.


Exclusive interview with Sha Wei

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Sha Wei is a doctoral student from School of Urban Planning and Designing, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. Those interested can visit Sha Wei’s NetEase homepage (restricted to mainland China):

Q: The two songs you sang in the competition were both original but with different styles. Could you share how you came up with these two songs?
A: The first song, Sometimes, was based on the lows in my life, and I hoped to encourage myself as well as others who are going through difficulties times in their lives. The second song, Love is always late but never absent, was created in September because many of my buddies married in recent time. I admired their sweet love and I wished them all well.

Q: As a doctoral student in science and engineering, do you see a relationship between music and academics? And does music have a place in your future?
A: There is no conflict between music and academics. I have experience in writing songs so I can do it very quickly. Usually, I can finish the creating and recording in 4 hours with a refreshed feeling after this work, which benefits my studies and academics. Music is an important part of my life. I can’t live without music, especially rock music. Although in the competition, the songs I chose were both lyrical, I actually play rock most of the time. Maybe in the future, I will not take music as a career, but I will regard it as my most cherished hobby.

Q: As the winner of the Best Performance Award, what do you think of the process and results of this competition?
A: The result was not important. I began to participate in competitions like this since I started at the university. Feeling happy is more important than winning an award. My performance was average because my friends came during the Mid-autumn Festival and we drank a lot, which numbed my throat a little, but I was happy to see that other contestants performed very well that night.

For the full version of this article please see the November 2017 Nanyan Observer Newspaper

Written by Zhang Wendou

Edited by Gianni De Bruyn