ISU Held First Christmas Eve Party

Each year, students and staff marvel at the beautiful towering Christmas tree shining in the lobby of the Peking University HSBC Business School (PHSB). This year, in addition to the impressive decorations throughout campus, the first annual Christmas Party organized by the International Student Union of PKU Shenzhen added to the holiday cheer. The event took place on a special day of the Christmas period, the Christmas Eve. For centuries this occasion has been one to reunite with family and beloved ones; at PHBS, students could celebrate with their PHBS family.

 International students from all over the world participated in the party, some full-time students along with some exchange students. The group met in PHBS building room 311 which had been decorated with some fancy and classical Christmas decorations. Seeing the traditional red and green all over was sure to arouse some homesickness in the participants. But as the festivities began, classmates came together to provide good company and plenty of holiday cheer.

One of the hilarious activities for the event was a charades game. It turned into a tough competition as two teams tried to outdo each other in acting out animals, movies, and celebrities.
The main event of the party was the Secret Santa activity.  For this activity, everyone knew to come prepared with a gift and give it anonymously. Anticipation was built before the activity as the gifts piled up on the gift table all wrapped to conceal their fun contents. After the Secret Santa, everyone could enjoy cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows. To top it all off, everybody received a Christmas hat.
As the hours creeped closer and closer to Christmas Day, all the gifts had been opened, cookies enjoyed, and Christmas spirit spread to all those in attendance. Everyone returned home to see what gifts Christmas Day had in store for them!

By Wei Wei