Dim Sum Dinner and Shenzhen Talent Park

Stunning photos of downtown and a dim sum feast, PKU Shenzhen Campus Advisors (CAs) planned the perfect Shenzhen night for international students.

Whether you are visitor or busy student you may only have a few nights to truly appreciate Shenzhen.  Looking for the best way to experience the city and maybe just have one night?

Dim sum and an evening view of the lights downtown while strolling through a waterfront park combines some of our favorite Shenzhen highlights.

The Dim Sum

On March 15, PKU Shenzhen Campus Advisors (CA) organized Dim Sum and Evening Visit to Shenzhen Talent Park. Students had dinner at 点都德 (Dian Dou De).  The restaurant has a convenient central location in Houhai’s Coastal City. It can be reached from PKUSZ campus or just about anywhere else in Shenzhen in less than one hour.

The event provided an opportunity for new exchange students to enjoy traditional Guangzhou yum cha (or dim sum) delicacies. The food tasted very good. They have a variety of dim sum on the menu, so everyone can choose something of their own liking. Both new exchange and full-time students experienced the authentic Chinese culture of dim sum.

We ordered a lot of dishes, I remembered some:

  1. 金沙鲜虾红米肠 (jīn shā hǎi xiā hóng mǐ cháng), a red rice sausage with crunchy shrimp inside
  2. 百合酱蒸凤爪 (bǎi hé jiàng zhēng fèng zhǎo), it is a steamed chicken feet with sauce
  3. 金牌靓油条 (jīn pái liàng yóu tiáo), a big deep-fried breadsticks
  4. 状元及第粥 (zhuàng yuán jí dì zhōu), a chicken porridge
  5. 香芒夹心椰汁糕 (xiāng máng jiá xīn yē zhī gāo), a coconut mango jelly.

And many more..

We chose to stay in one room with 2 private tables to avoid noise and enjoy our quality time. Students shared new stories and talked about fun activities in Shenzhen. They became acquainted and more connecting with each other. “Well it was nice going out together, trying some dim sum with Chinese fellows.” said PHBS full time student Amir Guluzade from Azerbaijan.

Shenzhen Talent Park

Once everyone had finished dinner, some of us stopped by for bubble tea at Coco, then we walked to 深圳人才公园 (shēn zhèn rén cái gong yuán) or Shenzhen Talent Park. It took about 20 minutes walking and the journey will be easier once some street construction is completed.

The park is dedicated to the talent in Shenzhen, the city’s history, and the goal of improving the quality of life for local residents. From the park, we could see the light show emanating from skyscrapers of the city. The park is new, large, carefully designed, and not crowded but getting more and more popular.

Throughout the evening, visitors can hear music playing from the corner of the park, enjoy leisure areas, and take amazing photos. The park is on the water of Shenzhen Bay. So you not only enjoy the scenery of the buildings and the park, you can also see the vast waters.

Noon Veeratunmanont, PHBS exchange student from Thailand, summed it up perfectly, “Well, overall I think it’s really nice. The food is really good.”

Written by Claudia Fauzi


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