Champions for Eight Years—the Legend Continues!

On April 20th, 2019, the 26th Sports Culture Festival of Peking University and the 2019 Peking University Sports Games were held at the May Fourth Stadium of Peking University. Flying over a thousand kilometers, 53 athletes and coaches from Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School gathered in Beijing with a passionate spirit.

Wonderful Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Games was really an audio-visual feast. With the image of youth, happiness, health and internationalization, the team of Shenzhen Graduate School demonstrated its athletic spirit. At the forefront of the team was the Vice Chancellor of Shenzhen Graduate School, Mr. Niu Hongwei and coaches. The athletes of the main team dressed in vibrant white uniforms and marched students throughout the audience.

Subsequently, the background music quickly switched from the March of the Athletes to Nanyan Dreamcatcher which was adapted from We are All Dreamcatchers. Accompanied by passionate music, a team of Nanyan students performed their singing and dancing performance. A group of three PKUSZ students called “Nanyan TFboys” wore red suits and as lead singers sang and danced in the front of the team. Besides our handsome students, there were some special players — 54 intelligent robots which were also dancing in the front of the stage. These robots also had participated in the performance of Spring Festival Evening in CCTV, which was full of the sense of technology.

Flying Runners

The excellent performance of Nanyan students was not limited in the opening ceremony, but also in the sports competitions. In this year, there were totally 51 athletes from Shenzhen Graduate School participated in 19 competitions. The number of the athletes had grown stronger than last year, ranking the largest team assembled. Let’s see the brilliant achievements of them.

Gabriela Cooper-Vespa in the 5,000m race

In the exciting final A group of the 100 meter sprint, the men’s team, Fu Tianliang won the fifth place with a score of 12”59, Gong Beichen followed closely and won the sixth place with a score of 12”60; the women’s group, Xu Xuanyin took 15”21’s score and won the championship, Zhou Cejin won the third place with 1605, Huang Lei won fifth place with 16”39. The three female players from Shenzhen Graduate School successfully achieved a place in the top five. In the women’s 200 meter final, Xu Xuanyin won the championship with a time of 32”14. In the 400 meter final group of the men’s and women’s team, Liao Xiaoyun from SCBB, show her perfect skills of running and won the first place with 1’15”39.

The long distance running competitions were really the physical and mental tests. However, they were no challenge for the Nanyan athletes. They achieved excellent results. In the 800-meter men’s final group, Liu Cong won the fourth place with 2’18”05, and Feng Changting ranked fifth with 2’21”80. The women’s group found even more success; Chen Yaqi won the runner-up with the result of 3’03”90, Jiang Wenzhao won the third place with 3’08”67, and Wang Tong won the seventh place with 3 minutes 14 seconds 31. In the women’s group of 5,000 meters, Guo Fangfang won the runner-up with the result of 22’15”59. Gabriela Cooper-Vespa followed closely with 22’547 and took the third place.

  Competitions of Strength and Power

In the field events, our athletes also had outstanding performance. In the final group A of men’s long jump, Dong Ninggang won the championship with 6.25 meters, and Huang Jingjia won the eighth place with 5.38 meters. In final group A of standing long jump, Huang Jingjia and Liu Xuanyi won the fifth and seventh places with 2.80 meters and 2.73 meters respectively in men’s group. In the women’s group, Sun Yifei ranked first with her fantastic jump of 2.40 meters, while Wang Ya continued to maintain good results and won the fourth place in the final with a distance of 2.24 meters. In the men’s shot put, Liu Cong earned second place with a result of 10.22 meters. In the women’s group, Jin Yijie and Li Jingxian won the top two in the final with 8.36 meters and 7.65 meters respectively, and Qiao Shuang won the fifth place with 6.66 meters.

 While the track and field contests were going on, another competition of strength and power was also raging. In the hot-blooded men’s pull-up finals, the competitors from PKU Shenzhen took the top three positions: Yi Shuiping, Xin Zhilong and Liu Siyu won the first, second and third place with scores of 41, 33 and 31 respectively. 

Strength of Unity

The most eye-catching games to the audiences were the relay races. In 4*100 meters final group, the PKU Shenzhen team won the third place in the men’s race with a time of 48”42. The women’s team took first with a time of 1’00”13. In the 4*400m relay race, the women’s team of Shenzhen won the championship with 5’09”71 finish, while the men’s team came in as the runner-up with a final time of 4’02”67. The relay races showed the powerful cohesion of the all the athletes from PKU Shenzhen Graduate School.

On the other side of the sports stadium, PKU Shenzhen’s team was invincible in the men’s and women’s teamwork competitions. In the 30-meter whirlwind running of the men’s and women’s team and the mixed game “Jiao Long Chu Hai”, the team of Shenzhen easily won the championships and added 36 points to the total score of the team.

Legend will Go on Continually

  The annual Sports Culture Festival is not only a grand event of Peking University, but also an excellent opportunity for the Shenzhen Graduate School to show the unique style of Nanyan students to the whole of PKU. The Shenzhen Graduate School has participated in the sports meeting for eight consecutive years. Each time, we returned victorious. This year, we have maintained our title and won the first prize of all the teams with a total score of 440 points.

PKUSZ, we cheer for you! We are proud of you!

Special Interviews

Here, we checked in with two participators of this sports meeting after the competition. Let’s hear their words and feelings after their most recent success!

Liao Xiaoyun, School of Chemical Biological and Biotechnology

Events: Women’s 400 meters, 5000 meters, 4*400 meters relay race.

Have you encountered any difficulties during the preparations for these Games?

Xiaoyun: First of all, due to that I am attending the classes in Beijing campus this semester, I couldn’t participate in the collective training in Shenzhen campus. Secondly, in March and April in Beijing, the air quality was really not suitable for outdoor exercises. Thus, after talking with the team coach, Mr Qin E, he decided to develop a training plan for me, and then I went to the gym to complete the training program. The training for one person was always boring, coupled with the lack of coach’s supervision, I was inadvertently lazy for several times. As it got closer to the sports meeting, I felt very stressed.

Seeing such excellent results from our team, what do you want to say to your teammates?

Xiaoyun: Thousands of words in my heart but I want to say “thank you” mostly. When the list of finals was wrong, my friends ran around the playground to help me solve the problem. Besides, they cheered me on beside the track, gave me the strength to catch other athletes in last 50 meters. After the competition, they also help me to massage for relaxation. I’d like to praise my classmate, Mr. Hu, for his professional technique of massage. I felt very relaxed and comfortable.

What was the most impressive thing in the entire sports competition?

Xiaoyun: After the preliminaries of women’s 400 meters, Mr. Qin said to me seriously: “I find that you are getting fat!” You will never understand what I thought at that moment! I could only say: “Hey, okay! Everything you say is right.” This dialogue could only show that the Mr. Qin’s fitness class was a tool of losing weight. So here is a small advertisement: go to Mr. Qin’s aerobic fitness class! You can not only increase the muscle lose the fat, but also get the opportunity to be chosen to participate in the PKU Sports Meeting!

Xing Kaixuan, School of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Events: Lead singer in opening ceremony, Men’s shot put, Teamwork competitions

What do you think is the most eye-catching part of this program?

Kaixuan: The most attractive thing in this program was the team of intelligent robots. These robots had appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Evening. Besides, our overall style was also an eye-catching part. On the opening ceremony, our team was the most special one among all the teams.

In addition to participating in the program, you also participated in the competitions as an athlete. What are the different feelings and experiences between these two roles?

Kaixuan: Besides the participation in the opening ceremony, I also had a personal competition of shotput, and two teamwork competition – “Jiao Long Chu Hai” and “Caterpillar Racing”. Actually, I really wanted to participate in each event, because I could gain different feelings and responsibilities in different roles. Moreover, no matter which project I participate, it would be glory for our Shenzhen Graduate School!

Can you choose the most memorable thing to share with our readers?

Kaixuan: The most memorable thing must be the training on each Sunday morning. We had to get up early, and then run for numbers of rounds on the playground. Although we were exhausted after training, each of us wanted to stick to it. Besides, I was deeply impressed during the entire sports meeting, including the days in Beijing, everyone was very hard, but we are very happy to be together with each other!

By Zhang Wendou


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