Best Gifts in China for Your Friends and Family

At some point, everyone who comes to China is going to ask themselves the same question: What should I get for _____ ? Whether you have made China your new home, or just staying a few weeks, it’s not going to be an easy decision.

There are important factors like packing all your own important belongings and yet having space for enough gifts for family and friends who are back home.

As I am always struggling with this task when coming home from abroad, I decided to prepare a shopping guide for all those who share my struggle. I know that when traveling, working, or studying here you simply do not have the brain power to concern yourself with this problem! In the following list, you will find suggestions that have brought joy to my friends and family in the past (and didn’t bring too much misery to my wallet). Let’s get to shopping!


Is there anything more representative of China than its silk? This luxurious fabric makes the perfect gift for your loved ones at home or just for yourself. Nice pillow cases or a sleeping mask for that long flight back home will make a difference in everyone’s life.


If silk is one of the symbols of China then the tea is its soul. The wide variety of teas, such as 龙井green tea or普洱茶pu’er, that China offers will make a great gift for any tea enthusiast. If your friends and family are not tea lovers, a nice tea cup or tea set can make them change their mind. An absolute jackpot would be a travel tea set so you are ready to serve the tea with style anywhere, anytime.

Sheet Masks

For the cosmetics fan, famous sheet masks are the answer. Sheet masks are usually sold in packs which can be redistributed among many friends and relatives making it the most economical and luggage  friendly gift.


When searching for a good looking and affordable gifts with distinctive Chinese flavor, fans are a great answer. Thousands of designs from traditional to the modern with cats and different shapes will make you the ultimate gift giver.


There is nothing that unites people quite like food. However, chopsticks are great gift for foodies and non-foodies alike. The gift-receiver will either use them for the occasional Chinese meal or just as a decoration in their home. If your friends struggle with chopsticks you can get them a pair for beginners that will provide them with the help to master these utensils.


If you plan to cook a Chinese meal for your relatives, the perfect setting would be to serve it in beautifully decorated Chinese bowls and plates to truly capture and present Chinese culture.

Chinese Paper Cuts

If you have been struggling to find something for those people who like nothing and have everything then a bulletproof gift would be a nice paper cut. This traditional art is simple yet so beautiful and will impress even the toughest ones.

Little Somethings

If your suitcase is already overflowing and you are still in need of many gifts, get these decorative bags and you can fill them with a little portion of the tea and maybe throw in a bookmark or keychain. This gift bag will look sophisticated and thoughtful but is actually extremely simple and packing friendly.

By Dominika Mindekova


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