Getting to Know PK (YO)U!

We interviewed our international students a month after they started their studies at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School.

As the new academic year gradually unfolds, we are joined by new friends from around the globe. Our aspiring graduates come to Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, for their academic pursuits, their love for Chinese culture, their shared vision, and their belief in a promising future for the world.

This academic year, around 130 international students are joining us. The number one country they come from is Germany, but we have new international students from 46 other countries as well!

World Map

47 countries!

A truly international campus.


Luca Deambrogio, Italy, Exchange

Nigel Wong, Malaysia, Management

Brandon Stefano, Indonesia, Management

Li Yao, China, Exchange

Piotr Gerus, Poland, Exchange

Cherry Li, Norway, Exchange

Eszter Lucáks, Hungary, Exchange

Daniel Vuyk, Netherlands, Exchange

Masha Semenenko, Ukraine, Exchange

Til Balcke, Germany, Management

Asim Mahmood, Germany, Management

By Daisy Xia


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