SZ Spots: Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning

When it comes to weekends, everyone gets stuck on where to go. Maybe you even have no idea where to go. We found some places worth visiting and will share to all of you in articles on SZ Spots! The first place we recommend is the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning (深圳市当代艺术与城市规划馆).

Tips for Visit

It is located in downtown Futian district, so the travel is quite convenient. If you take the subway, get off at the Children’s Palace Station. You can enter the museum with a Chinese ID card or your passport for free! It’s open from 10:00-17:00 Tue-Sun.

Introduction for visit

The Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning consists of two venues: Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and Urban Planning Exhibition (UPE) with a total construction area of approximately 80,000 square meters.

It’s a beautiful building! You can immediately see why it won the 2017 Luban Award, the highest honor for the quality of the Chinese construction industry. Due to its bold and original style, the shifting, off-kilter space is full of a strong sense design. It’s popular spot for Shenzhen’s top photographers.

The interior is spacious, clean, and empty, like a typical “white cube” space. It seems pure without extra colors or distractions. Just one shot, and you feel the thrilling beauty in the solemn and gentle light. The smooth lines, cool design, and the combination of a large number of steel structures and plexiglass reflect the advanced modern sense everywhere.

The interior of the exhibition hall is composed of irregular lines to form regular, simple bars and blocks, which have become a popular place for citizens to relax, visit, and check in.

There are often some theme exhibitions here. Each time you visit you will see and learn something new.

We typically think of art as rigid, distorted, and difficult to understand. But at the MOCA & UPE, every object here is exquisite and full of fun!

Even the small items that are common in life have very different beauty and meaning in the eyes of the artist. The line between mundanity and beauty is blurred. In addition, there are also some sculpture exhibitions. People who are interested in sculpture must not miss it.

Recommendation of recent exhibitions

1) For design lovers!

There are often city or suburban design exhibitions in the UPE.

Theme: Upgrading the City. This section consists of three sub-sections: “Future Citizens”, “Urban Alchemists” and “Sci-Fi Reality”, which correspond to the perspectives of urban users, urban creators, and visionary urban thinkers. “Future citizens” look at the city from the citizen’s perspective, examining the relationship between emerging technologies and urban residents. The Urban Alchemist uses the perspectives of architects, artists, and urban planners to document and reflect urban change. “Sci-Fi Reality” builds a bridge between tangible and intangible, reality and ideal, existence and imagination.


2) For jewelry lovers!

Theme: Awakening. It mainly exhibits palace treasures from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, with a total of 7 subjects and nearly 200 collections. For example, the “Advent Pendant” in Renaissance、16 crowns of different dynasties、the last Napoleon gold leaf known in the world and many rare treasures.

Time: 2019.12.22-2020.3.1

That’s it for this article. People who like to watch the exhibition can follow their WeChat public account, it will update the latest!

If you also want to have a more artistic atmosphere on weekends, then go to the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning. Here you can make your breathing slow, your feet slow, maybe you have a lot of new insights into life and life!

Supplementary note:

  1. Special exhibitions may require entrance fees;
  2. Pay attention to the opening hours. There are more people on weekends

Written by Raihbooo Yan

Photos: Photos were sourced from internet


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