3 Brilliant Chinese Stars in the One World: Together at Home Concert

In 1985, the epic Live Aid fundraising mega-concert took place. Thirty-five years later, an eight-hour live-stream concert featuring artists from all around the world has raised more than $120 million to support healthcare workers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. While One World could not create the same energy as the famous Live Aid event, it was a milestone in a collective moment of crisis. Curated by Lady Gaga and organized by the World Health Organization and Global Citizen, One World could be equally memorable for being a symbol of a shared struggle.

The star-studded concert was broadcast and live-streamed starting at 2 a.m. on April 19th (UTC+8) with support from more than 140 artists. Three Chinese musicians, Eason Chan 陈奕迅, Jackie Cheung 张学友and Lang Lang 郎朗, participated in this global broadcast & digital special. Get to know these superstars!

Eason Chan 陈奕迅

Eason Chan is an iconic figure in China’s mainstream music scene. Born in 1974 in Hong Kong, he has many well-loved hit songs in both Cantonese and Mandarin. A number of his songs are sung by every household in China, such as Ten Years 十年, Depression 浮夸, Your Backpack 你的背包 and Red Rose 红玫瑰. These songs carry the emotions of this generation and represent some of his best work. Initially famous for fairly conventional pop songs, Eason has since shown a creative spirit unconstrained by popular style. He has made breakthroughs by experimenting with various music genres. Through all the bold attempts he makes, his sincerity and passion in every performance never change. One fun fact is that he was also called the successor of Jackie Cheung, the next musician we are introducing!

Jackie Cheung 张学友

Jackie Cheung is a superstar and pioneer in the Chinese pop music industry. There was a popular saying among Chinese in the 1990s: Wherever the wind blows, Jackie Cheung’s music echoes. He has countless classic songs whose popularity span generations and several decades—he has even grown popular internationally. Songs such as The Goodbye Kiss 吻别, A Thousand Sad Reasons 一千个伤心的理由 and fast-rhythm songs, such as Wolf Legend 饿狼传说, Hair Was Awry 头发乱了 are still covered by contemporary pop singers. Recently, Jackie even had a duet with Beyoncé on a recorded version of Can You Feel the Love Tonight?. Apart from his contribution to the music industry, Jackie Cheung is also a role model for other people, receiving the nickname “the Great Guy” in the entertainment industry.

Lang Lang 郎朗

One World: Together at Home concluded with a song named The Prayer performed by Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Lang Lang, John Legend and Andrea Bocelli. Who is Lang Lang? Lang Lang, born in Shenyang, China, is one of the most successful and renowned concert pianists in history. He has performed around the world, including Buckingham Palace. He even performed during the Beijing Olympic Ceremony in 2008 in front of a billion live viewers. He has released nine studio albums including Dragon Songs 黄河之子, Lang Lang in Paris 郎朗在巴黎, New York Rhapsody 纽约狂想曲, etc.. Lang Lang is also an active promoter of classical music in China and has successfully made piano learning popular among kids. He won his first piano award at age 5! His unique and enthusiastic style of piano performing has changed Chinese people’s perception of this classical instrument.

Written by: Luo Jiechunyi


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