Champions! PKUSZ Shines in the 15th UTSZ Comprehensive Sports Competition

After 5 years, the championship title returns to Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School this year thanks to the incredible men and women athletes on our team!

On November 20, the Shenzhen University Town 15th Comprehensive Sports Competition and 2020 Interesting Sports Meet ended at the Sports Center Stadium.

To begin the event, Director of the Shenzhen University Town Management Office, Liu Ying, encouraged students to persist in chasing their dreams during difficult times. Also, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ) Deputy Party Secretary, An Xiaopeng, shared her wishes for all the participants to cultivate teamwork, sportsmanship, friendship and happiness.

The championship was won by PKUSZ, while the Southern University of Science and Technology and the Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) came in second and third respectively. Tsinghua University International Graduate School won the award for the best organization. The Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shenzhen campus of Jinan University won Moral and Style awards.

One of our students, Wang Hu, from the School of Electronic and Computer Engineering, said it was his duty to take part in the sports meeting to honor our school. As stated by himself, he is a very active person who loves sports, especially as a means of socializing with other people. Secondly, he is the chairman of the executive committee of PKUSZ, responsible for the sports department. This is why he has actively participated in many activities and has made his contribution to the school.

Wang Hu said that it was an honor to be part of the PKUSZ team that earned the first championship trophy since 2015 for our school. This year, the championship was of great importance, so everyone did their best. Therefore, the victory belongs to this whole great group

Finally, of course, Wang Hu thanked the fans who came out in support of their team, saying “I would like to thank all the Peking University viewers of the UTSZ fun games for your encouragement as it would have been difficult for us to achieve such a great result without it, and I hope that all students can honor the school for years to come.”

Written by Lorenzo Perazzitti

Photos provided by UTSZ Sports Centre and Wang Hu


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