Our Lively Home: Animals of UTSZ

As we all know, there is a great diversity of wildlife in Shenzhen University Town (UTSZ), such as ducks, black swans, butterflies, snails, cranes and even the occasional bird escapes from the Safari Park zoo across the street! Our furry and feathery friends make our campus life more interesting.

In addition, on campus, there is another lovely group of creatures with much personality. They are numerous and agile. They like to hide during the day and come out at night. Some of them like to get close and be your best friend; others are a little fierce and do not allow people to touch them. Few pass students without stopping for them.

Who are they? They are cats that you always see on campus. Some kind-hearted classmates often bring them food, and the relationship between people and these cute animals make our campus a special home for all.

Fat orange cat who likes to sleep

This orange cat is from Peking University. I call him “lazy” because he is fat and lazy. The happiest thing every day for him is to sleep on the corridor of Peking University. He often wanders around the laboratory buildings. He is just like you and me who don’t want to study sometimes. When he’s sleepy, if you want to touch him, he will raise his haughty chin, then glances at you, and continues sleeping.

The chubby orange cat wants a fresh meal(click it to check videos!), so he hid himself behind the plants and waited quietly for the best time. When the egret didn’t react, he tried catching it unaware. OK, come on, ready, one two three, go. He must be so sad he failed. Maybe it was because he had been comfortable for too long and is a little too fat. Life is not easy. You’d better go back sleeping.

Fascinating, fat leopard cat from HIT also likes to sleep.

Orange cat family in the playground

At the PKUSZ sports field, there are 7 or 8 cats, including some kittens that were born recently. There are strong male cats with white and yellow stripes and relatively thin female cats. Every night, they watch the people running back and forth on the playground. When this orange cat sees people, she likes to walk around them a few times and rub against them. When you prepare some food for her, all the cats will swarm around.

Melancholy little white cat and fierce little orange cat

All of these kittens are from Tsinghua University SIGS (click it to check videos!). The little white cat has a sad face. Apart from its tail, ears and forehead, all other places are white. The little orange cat, on the other hand, is yellow except for the white claws and chest, and it usually looks at you with a fierce look on her face.

Special thanks to the students from THU, PKU and HIT for their animal pictures and videos.

By Dou Min

Edited by Wang Haozhe and Nathan Faber


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