The Subway to Go Sightseeing—Line 8 Unlocks Shenzhen’s Beauty!

A new metro line providing a fresh look at Shenzhen’s natural beauty is dazzling residents and visitors alike. Metro Line 8, with its catchphrase: “Take the subway to see the sea”, has blown up in our circle of friends.

The current phase of Shenzhen Metro Line 8 starts at Liantang Station(莲塘站) in southeast Shenzhen’s Luohu District. The line connects the Luohu District, which shares a border with Hong Kong, and Yantian District, the favorite district of the city’s nature-lovers. 

At present, the line is just 8 stops. But in the future, it will extend out to one of Shenzhen’s most famous beaches, Xiaomeisha(小梅沙).

Despite the new line only being partially complete, it’s already become an invaluable gateway to some of Shenzhen’s most gorgeous spots.

We all need to escape the city sometimes! Don’t wait any longer. In infamously humid southern China, spring is the ideal season to go out.

Let’s take a look at the convenient places Line 8 has unlocked for us!

Wutongshan South Station(梧桐山南站)

Due to the complicated geology of Wutong Mountain and Binhai, Line 8 is also known as the “Encyclopedia of Metro Construction”. Wutong Mountain is the highest peak in Shenzhen, with a summit of about 973 meters. Due to the high mountains, there is often such a phenomenon that the sky below the mountain is clear and the mountains are filled with clouds and mist, and sometimes even at the top of the mountain, it is like being in the clouds and mist. If you are lucky, you can see the beautiful sea of clouds. Especially now, the mountains are full of stunning azaleas in bloom. 

Shatoujiao Station(沙头角)

Shatoujiao, also known as Sha Tau Kok, is connected to Hong Kong, and the commerce is very developed, but the architecture is far from the style of Shenzhen. The town is full of old houses and retro architecture. The Zhongying Street(中英街), which is well-known at home and abroad, is actually just a very ordinary commercial street with a length of less than a mile and a width of less than two feet. “Zhong” stands for China and “Ying” stands for Britain; the name reveals its history as a border-spanning road between mainland China and formally British Hong Kong. Today, there are still shops. The east is mainland China and the west is controlled by Hong Kong authorities. There is a granite slab buried in the center of the cement road. The English engraved on the stone is hard to make out. This is the so-called “boundary monument.”

Haishan station(海山站)

Haishan Station, this area has both mountains and the sea. Haishan Park is located in Yantian District. It covers a huge area of 56,395 square meters.

The park is built on the hillside and follows the lay of the land. The design is in harmony with nature and was done in accordance with the basic principles of Chinese gardens. But it is not only classical Chinese style, there is also a clear Western architectural influence, making a fitting hybrid style for modern Shenzhen. 

The most eye-catching thing about Haishan Park is the fairy-tale exotic art tower that stands in the middle of the park, which is called “Barcelona”. The overall architectural style is Eastern European fairy tale style. Surrounded by greenery, it’s like a small paradise.

We can wander around for a day. Walking on the stone road, enjoying the rare years of peace, the sun passes through the gaps in the leaves and falls on the forest path. The mood is peaceful, light and happy.

The sea view from Haishan Station is also very good. The Coastal Plank Road (滨海栈道) is a very famous local attraction. On the seaside plank road, you can go fishing, take a walk, gaze at the sea or find your own way of enjoying the scenery. The Coastal Plank Road  is surrounded by mountains and the sea. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Shenzhen. It’s known as the golden coastline of Shenzhen.

The entire plank road is surrounded by greenery and the water, and the view is super beautiful. When you reach the end, it feels like you have reached the end of the world!

Coastal Plank Road(photos from ShenzhenLook)

The Lighthouse Library (灯塔图书馆) is also one of the famous attractions near Haishan Metro Station. It is known as the library closest to the sea. On the second floor of this library is a reading area near the sea. The floating bay window has a very wide view, and the sea view experience is excellent in sunny weather. There is an astronomical telescope on the top floor of this library, which is not to be missed if you are an astronomy enthusiast.

Port of Yantian(盐田港)

Yantian Port is located in Dapeng Bay, east of Shenzhen. After more than 30 years of development, it is now a world-renowned port. Shenzhen Port now ranks among the top 3 container ports in the world.

Many people assume the port is the dirtiest and most chaotic place. This assumption is totally wrong. The initial stage of port construction was indeed messy. However, after so many years of hard work, Shenzhen’s green port construction has made great progress. This new posture is presented to the world.

In Yantian Port, there are some rare fishing villages. In these fishing villages, you can see the original state of Shenzhen. These fishermen live by the sea and their daily lives are fishing and netting. There are also small restaurants that have existed for many years. These restaurants attract countless tourists.

Of course, there are far more stories that belong to this subway line. On a weekend, you can take the subway, take a walk on the seaside plank road, read a book at the Lighthouse Library, ride a bicycle to the Dameisha beach, and go to Yantian to eat local snacks. Don’t think about anything, listen to the sound of the waves, watch the ebb and flow, and enjoy a simple and beautiful day!

Written by Raihbooo Yan


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