Faces of Nanyan | 人在南燕

“It’s really cold in the office today; I had to wrap my blanket around me. It feels oddly satisfying, like I’m cuddling with my blanket in an air conditioned room, ready to sleep.” “办公室冷得让我裹紧了小被子,裹着被子有种在空调房盖被子睡觉的满足感”。 As told to Wandong Yang 

International Student Profile: Kevin Kurnia

“Hi Kevin!” exclaims the barista as we come up to the coffee counter to order. Everyone knows Kevin: faculty, staff, both international and Chinese students—even the Starbucks baristas all know him by name. I’ve been here for three years and still have “foreigner” written on my to-go cup in lieu of anything familiar. But this … More International Student Profile: Kevin Kurnia

Chinese Holidays 101: Golden Week

The National Day of People’s Republic of China (simplified Chinese: 国庆节; pinyin: guóqìngjiē) is one of the country’s major public holidays. Tracing back to its beginnings, the Central People’s Government approved the Resolution on the National Day of the People’s Republic of China on December 2, 1949, and officially declared Oct 1st to be National … More Chinese Holidays 101: Golden Week

Faces of Nanyan 人在南燕

“There was a talk where JD students returned to school after ten years, and talked about themselves. These forty-something-year-old people talked about their lives and experiences. Those ten years after graduation became nothing but a few sentences when they spoke about it. You’d find them talking about finally having the time to do what they really wanted at forty-something; some even started their own start-ups. So the “couple years” of working for others that you’re talking about could very well mean a decade or more. ” … More Faces of Nanyan 人在南燕

Mirror Lake Association Fair Held for New Students

September 21st was the big day for student organizations to welcome PKU Shenzhen freshmen at the Mirror Lake Association Fair. Various clubs organized by students with different hobbies all displayed their most interesting activities to recruit new members. From the Photography Association to the Astronomy Club, Volleyball Club to the Film Association, Mirror Lake became … More Mirror Lake Association Fair Held for New Students

Chinese Holidays 101: Mid-Autumn Festival

Every nation has their own special festivals that call for family reunions, such as Thanksgiving Day for Americans. In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals that brings families together. On which day, by custom, the old and young alike all get together to enjoy the bright full moon and eat delicious moon cakes. With the moonlight of the full moon and tempting moon cakes, the Mid-Autumn Festival seems like a beautiful and yummy festival. However, do you know when it is? … More Chinese Holidays 101: Mid-Autumn Festival

International Association Holds New Student Mixer

The IA held the “PHBS Full-Time International Students Welcome Mixer” at WeSpace on Friday, September 15, 2017 to help overcome these initial barriers. First and second year international full-time students got a chance to sit down together and discuss their various experiences. The event had 41 international students from more than 25 different countries in attendance. … More International Association Holds New Student Mixer