Graduates Can Take Advantage of Shenzhen’s Entrepreneurship Residence Permit

Shenzhen has quickly gained the reputation of being the entrepreneurship and technology hub of China. If you study here, you get a taste for Shenzhen’s amazing potential. You are exposed to its culture and experience its growth.

Now, the innovative city offers an entrepreneurship-focused residence permit for those who earned their degree in China and are ready to stay to start their own business and career.

The permit is categorized as ‘Private Affairs Residence Permit – Entrepreneurship’. It serves to “support foreign students who would like to directly start a business after graduating from a Chinese university.” And it allows the receiver to “engage in a graduate internship or entrepreneurial activity.”

Here are the requirements:
  1. Have the desire to do entrepreneurship in Shenzhen
  2. Current year’s graduate from a Chinese university (including Hong Kong & Macau)

To make things a bit easier for students, you do not need a sponsoring company! There is also not a grade requirement at the moment.

The longest possible validity for a permit is two years. The Public Security Bureau has discretion on how long to grant validity and whether or not to grant a renewal.

Recent graduate of Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS), Winni Weinhold, was quick to take advantage of this opportunity. He said he was encouraged after hearing the permit would allow him “to open a business and do all the necessary things to run a business.”

For those who have already been through the residence permit process in Shenzhen, the process is very similar and familiar. The only new materials you need are a business plan and your diploma.

Here are the materials:
  • Visa and Residence Permit Application Form (外国人签证证件申请表)
Sample image
  • Valid Guangdong Province Visa Photo Receipt (广东省外国人签证数字相片采集回执)
Sample image
  • Passport
  • Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors (境外人员临时住宿登记表)
Sample image
  • Letter of Guarantee of Document Authenticity for Visa Application (申请签证证件的证明(担保)函件) Note: Can be stamped by school
Sample image
  • Graduation certificate from a Chinese university or college from the current year of graduated students (including Hong Kong & Macau)
  • Business plan
    • Note: Must be in Chinese. 5-10 pages seems to be sufficient, currently no template or model

There are a few other materials for those who have not applied for a residence permit in Shenzhen in the past, including a medical examination.

Once all the materials are collected, just make an appointment through the online platform with the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau.

For those accustomed to the residence permit process, this is simple!

A Great Fit

If you are not here studying in China yet, this is just one more great reason to come! Check out Peking University’s HSBC Business School and School of Transnational Law for fully English-language graduate programs.

The policy assists in connecting your study in China to the next step in what you are imagining you can accomplish and contribute. It gives you the opportunity to pursue your dreams and establish your own business. If instead you end up finding an unexpected job opportunity in China, be sure to acquire a work visa.

 Winni recounted that the only difficulty was coordinating the time of applying for the permit with when diplomas are available.  For those living on campus at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, you must checkout of your dorm room to complete the form that allows you to collect a diploma.

Talk to your school coordinator to make the process go as smooth as possible.

Then go off and start Shenzhen’s next big thing!

Written by Nathan Faber



Letter of Guarantee of Document Authenticity for Visa Application:


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