Restaurant Review (Bar Edition): Bionic Brew

Still feeling the heat? Summers are long in Shenzhen. Nevertheless, you have made it this far and the chances are you have something to celebrate—maybe it is finishing up the final week of a thankless internship, a reunion with friends, making it through the National Judicial Examination, or finally settling into your new home here … More Restaurant Review (Bar Edition): Bionic Brew

Museum Visit Helps Newcomers Get to Know Shenzhen

Although it may not have the palaces of Beijing, ancient tombs of Xi’an, or sacred temples of Lhasa, Shenzhen should not be mistaken as a city without a history. After a visit to the Shenzhen Museum organized by the Campus Advisors for Orientation Week, newly arrived international students learned to dismiss this common misunderstanding. Established … More Museum Visit Helps Newcomers Get to Know Shenzhen