PKUSZ Participates in Dragon Boat Race in Hangzhou


Chinese culture is rich with the wonderful festivals and traditions that never ceases to amaze me, but I should say that my favorite one so far is the Dragon Boat Festival.The reason why it is my favorite is more of a personal nature.

On June 20th, 2015 the PKU team from Shenzhen, including myself, went to Xixi National Wetland Park, in Hangzhou to compete in the International Dragon Boat race, which is held annually. The park is about 5 km away from West Lake, which is known for its rich ecological resources and simply as a natural landscape.

Competing teams were from the best nine universities in China and you could easily feel the perfect combination of Chinese folk traditions and the Olympic spirit there.
There were enormous amount of tourists from all over the China and the rest of the world. Chinese families brought their children to show them how exciting it is to become the student at one of the Chinese well known universities.

In our team, we had eleven members from PKU Shenzhen and Hu Laoshi, our coach. Two representatives from Beijing campus visited us there as well to show their support.

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After the Dragon Boat race, there was a dinner party where all the participants of the competition were present. All teams were asked to perform. PKU Dragon Boat team was the last performance. We managed to engage all the participants and the guests in our performance and in the end, there were so many people on the stage that the only way for them to move was to jump up and down.

Overall, as one of our team members, Kang RiShen, described, the trip to Hangzhou and the rowing competition was “awesome” and everybody is looking forward to the next year to try and do their best and go for the first prize.

Reported by Sophiko Tsotskolauri


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