PHBS Students Attend Annual Autumn Outing at Xichong Beach

On Wednesday September 23rd, first-year PHBS students spent a day in the sun at Xi Chong Beach for the annual class-wide Autumn Outing. The bus ride took the better part of two hours, but domestic and international students alike found the trip to be worth the wait, as PKUSZ Chancellor and PHBS Dean Hai Wen presided over a day packed with food, games, and student performances.

The day began with a group photo arranged in front of the South China Sea. Against this gorgeous backdrop, international exchange students mixed into classes of full-time domestic and international students in orderto compete in a series of games, including Tug of War, Escort the Bride and Trolleybus. Competition was fierce across all classes, and even participating faculty members took a turn in a game of Tug of War.

With temperatures reaching a high of 32 degrees Celsius, students found respite in the calm sea. Some groups of students had volleyballs on hand while others took a moment to relax and chat with their friends.

The group dinner began as the sun went down and featured dishes such as octopus, eggplant, soup, and, of course, an infinitely generous helping of white rice, all washed down with plenty of Tsingtao to go around. Domestic and international students were mixed together for table assignments, affording an excellent opportunity to meet new classmates and form new friendships.

Finally, the night was capped off by student performances, which included singing, dancing and a Chinese comedy routine performed by four international students. Songs featured in the performances covered a range of languages, including decade-old Chinese pop songs, the Beatles’ “Hey Jude,” and Michel Teló’s Portuguese language song “Ai Se Eu Te Pego.”

The bus ride home was quiet, as students were already looking forward to their well-earned rest or began fretting over looming exams. Memories of this year’s Autumn Outing will always remain in the hearts and minds of first-year students, however, and serve as a reminder of the fun to be had at PHBS amidst the challenging coursework.

Reported by Karras Lambert


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