PKU Football Team Crowned Champions after Finale Win

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The PKU football team was crowned champions after defeating HIT University with a staggering score line of 4-1. The match was held at the University Town Stadium at 15:00 on December 10th.

The two teams had met before in the first of the group games where PKU defeated HIT 4-0. Beating HIT in the final meant that the PKU men went undefeated in the tournament.

The game began off with Dean Hai Wen of PHBS making the initial kick off at the whistle, after having congratulated the team for making the final and wishing them well for the match.

From the early moments of the match the play was controlled by PKU, allowing little space for HIT to make a move forward. Although HIT had a few attacks, most were unthreatening to the PKU goal. It took a while for the first goal to fall, but there was no looking back after. A brilliant cross from the PKU left-back was met by with a precision header leading to the first goal. Not after long, the PKU captain scored the goal of the not only the match but the tournament. The captain blasted the ball from 30+ meters into the top right corner of the goal after noticing the keeper was off his line.

The second half saw no change of the game, and PKU calmly controlled much of it. The last 2 goals were both precision shots into the bottom right corner of the goal, and were well deserved after an onslaught of shots at the HIT keeper.

Regards have to be given to HIT who fought well throughout the whole game. Both sides showed fair and clean play.

Congratulations to PKU and all members of their team for their achievement!

Reported by Martin Kiss

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