CA Program Holds Calligraphy Charm Event for Internationals


annika Fu

Last Thursday, the event “Creating a Calligraphy Charm”, which aimed at bringing the international students to have a brief appreciation of the beauty of Chinese culture, was held in C102. This semester’s even takes pride in the thirty or so international students that joined this year.

After a brief introduction to the evolution of the Chinese script, international students were taught the five basic strokes of constructing a Chinese character: horizontal stroke, vertical stroke, left-falling stroke, right-falling stroke, and the dot. With snacks and drinks served, students had a good time getting first-hand experience with a brush pen and ink.

During the second half of the vent, PKUSZ student, Zhang Xingxing, led the group through the steps of creating the traditional fu charm. This charm can often be found hanging upright or upside-down on the doors of many households to bring good fortune to those inside.

An event that started in 2014, the Calligraphy Charm Event is now held twice a year to indulge the curiosity of each semester’s new group of exchange students.

Reported by Li Qiaoling
Edited by Megan Mancenido

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