HSBC Business School Holds Annual Spring Outing at Botanical Gardens

Saying goodbye to harsh winters and a hectic module, PHBS students and staff welcomed spring with open arms and on Wednesday the 27th of April 2016, they embarked on a beautiful journey accompanied by Dean Wen Hai to the Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden.

After reaching the garden everyone felt fresh and rejuvenated due to the serene beauty of the garden. The variety of flora attracted almost everyone to itself. Soon all PHBSers had a joint photo session with the accompanying honorable professors and Dean Wen Hai, followed by some friendly competition amongst students. This included activities like a team balloon blowing competition and a boat paddling competition. Almost everyone participated in the boat paddling competition in the beautiful lake situated in the garden.

Some students also went to explore the beautiful lake and garden by going on a small lakeside hike, which also houses a tea shop and is home to the beautiful Hongfu Temple. Dean Wen Hai and some staff members along with students also hiked to the beautiful Phoenix Tree Peak. After which their group went to the forest of petrified trees, all of which were brought from Xinjiang, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia provinces of China and are remarkably preserved in an artistic manner. There is also a science museum located on the premises, which boasts various animal fossils from the era of dinosaurs.

With butterflies flying about in the garden and the breathtaking views all around, the PHBS Spring Outing turned out to be even more interesting than anticipated. After spending more than half of their day at the garden everyone halfheartedly bid adieu to the beautiful and soothing views and headed back to the campus.

Written by Fayeza Yahya
Photos provided by 汇通社