International Students Try Their Hand at Calligraphy

On the evening of May 25th, the event “Creating a Calligraphy Charm”, aiming at bringing the international students better appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture, was held in H214 by the Campus Community Advisor Program. Creating a Calligraphy Charm takes pride in inviting many international students who are interested in Chinese culture this semester.

The Campus Advisors (CAs) recruited the help of Gloria Bing (邴路颖) from the School of Transnational Law to lead the teachings of proper technique and form. The event started with an introduction of the evolution of Chinese characters, after which the international students were taught the five basic strokes that construct Chinese characters: horizontal stroke, vertical stroke, left-falling stroke, right-falling stoke and dot. With snacks and drinks served, students enjoyed experiencing the charm of calligraphy. The second half of the event contained the teaching of some basic Chinese characters that are of common use. The event ended up with the teaching of the Chinese character “福 fu”, meaning luck and good fortune in English. In Chinese, and it is common to see people to stick the character fu upside down on the door to pray for good luck.

“Although my grandparents are originally from China, I know very little about Chinese. I felt nervous when I started writing with the brush pen but gradually I could write a ‘standard’ character. I think this is a very meaningful event for me to know my ancestors’ tradition”, said Teodora Anita, an Indonesian exchange student at PHBS.

To close out the event, Gloria was invited to choose her five favorite Calligraphy Charms in the room, and those selected received a traditional Chinese knot with which they can decorate their room. “Creating a Calligraphy Charm”, held in 2014 for the first time, is now held twice annually at PKU Shenzhen and has become a traditional event targeted at involving the international students with the Chinese culture.

Reported by Emerald Li
Photos by Megan Mancenido, Zhang Qi, Li Qiaoling