The 2016 Graduation Ceremony Held at PKU Shenzhen


On the sunny afternoon of July 2nd, the 2016 Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Graduation Ceremony was held at the University Town Sports Center. This academic year, PKU Shenzhen boasts 891 graduates, including 45 doctoral degrees and 846 master’s degrees. The ceremony commenced with the procession of the distinguished guests and school leaders and was followed by  a graduation video presentation and “Love for PKU” performed by the school chorus.

Following the Chinese National Anthem, there were several heartfelt speeches delivered by different school representatives. On behalf of the 2016 PKU Shenzhen Graduates, Du Chenwei, a Finance and Economic News major, prescribed a three-part solution for facing the coming trials and stress of the real world. Dean Pan Feng of the School of Advanced Materials spoke on behalf of all PKUSZ faculty members, calling upon three anecdotes emphasizing the importance of hard work and perseverance. Liu Shui, EChand Co. Ltd. President spoke on behalf of all alumni, and reflected on his own time studying at Beida. PKU Shenzhen Chancellor Wu Yundong spoke on the values every student should foster and develop,  while PKU President Professor Lin Jianhua imparted his own wisdom to the graduates. Though all of these speeches were in Chinese, international students and family members listened to a live English broadcast on simultaneous translation devices throughout the entire ceremony.

After the speeches, PKUSZ Party Secretary and Vice Chancellor Professor Tan Wenchang announced the 2016 Outstanding Graduates as President Lin turned tassels and shook the hands of our parting scholars. Each of the eight schools called upon their own graduates, and our ceremony came to an end with the song “Ode to the Motherland” enthusiastically sung by graduates and their families.


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