Student Profile: Hannah Getachew

Before coming to study law at PKU School of Transnational Law, Hannah Getachew lived in England, Canada, France, Kenya, and Beijing among several other places–so needless to say she’s quite used to living ‘abroad.’ … More Student Profile: Hannah Getachew


Student Profile: Eduardo Meythaler

Eduardo Meythaler was studying business and finance at the Universidad de Los Hemisferios in Quito, Ecuador when he realized he wanted to move to China. While in school, he also worked in the finance department of a construction company whose main client was Huawei—a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturer, which is now the world’s largest. As a result of their dealings, he decided to study Mandarin and pursue a master’s degree here in China. … More Student Profile: Eduardo Meythaler

New Campus Advisors: Yammy & Daniel

The Campus Advisor (CA) Program consists of eight Chinese student leaders that push for cultural integration here at Beida by planning events for international students, assisting with daily things like language barrier issues at the bank, and  just being overall friendly go-to people for any questions about China or Chinese culture. Given the nature of the program, … More New Campus Advisors: Yammy & Daniel

8th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration Held at PKU Shenzhen

On the brisk evening of Friday, November 25, 2016, the Chancellor’s Secretariat Office held the 8th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. What originally started out as a modest get together to share an American tradition with Chinese friends and colleagues has, over the years, turned into an international celebration of togetherness and thanks. … More 8th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration Held at PKU Shenzhen

PKU Shenzhen Orientation Summer Camp Underway

This 2016 Orientation Week has come with a new PKU Shenzhen Tradition– a two-day camp filled with ice-breaking games and activities to welcome newcomers to the Nanyan family. The summer camp started with all students grouped by mixed inter-school teams for morning exercises with some basic taichi moves. Afterward the individual groups found a shady spot on campus for … More PKU Shenzhen Orientation Summer Camp Underway

2016 New International Student Arrival

On Monday, August 15, 2016, Peking University Shenzhen celebrated another New International Student Arrival Day on campus. 90 students have joined us from 28 different countries world as either full-time students or exchange students at the PKU HSBC Business School. On Monday, we also welcomed two international students attending the School of Environment and Energy … More 2016 New International Student Arrival

The 2016 Graduation Ceremony Held at PKU Shenzhen

On the sunny afternoon of July 2nd, the 2016 Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Graduation Ceremony was held at the University Town Sports Center. This academic year, PKU Shenzhen boasts 891 graduates, including 45 doctoral degrees and 846 master’s degrees. The ceremony commenced with the procession of the distinguished guests and school leaders and was … More The 2016 Graduation Ceremony Held at PKU Shenzhen

Shenzhen featured in Wired UK’s “Future Cities” Series

Shenzhen is the subject of Wired UK’s new web series “Future Cities”. In the video below, you can get to know Shenzhen a bit better as you’re led through an area called Huaqiang Bei, a few Shenzhen-based companies, and finally the Shenzhen Museum. The entire video is worth watching, however if you’re most interested in … More Shenzhen featured in Wired UK’s “Future Cities” Series