Faces of Nanyan | 人在南燕

“This weekend is a normal weekend, no big plans. I will just study a little bit. I finished my exams; I had two on the same day, so I feel a little relieved. I will probably take a rest. But if I’m in good shape, I might go to Hong Kong for hiking.” “这个周末是一个寻常的周末,没什么大的安排。我会花点时间学习,我刚考完试,一天有两个考试,所以现在安心了。周末可能会休息一下,但如果有精力的话,我也可能去香港爬山。” As … More Faces of Nanyan | 人在南燕

Faces of Nanyan | 人在南燕

“For me China is way more convenient; you just leave your door and you can find all kinds of food and malls right there. On weekends in the United States, there aren’t so many people and you can go lots of fun places–but you have to drive.”

“对我来说中国比美国方便得多,家的附近能找到很多商城和美食。在美国的话,周末人没有那么多,可以去很多好玩的地方,但是需要开车。” … More Faces of Nanyan | 人在南燕

International Student Profile: Kevin Kurnia

“Hi Kevin!” exclaims the barista as we come up to the coffee counter to order. Everyone knows Kevin: faculty, staff, both international and Chinese students—even the Starbucks baristas all know him by name. I’ve been here for three years and still have “foreigner” written on my to-go cup in lieu of anything familiar. But this … More International Student Profile: Kevin Kurnia

Meet the Fall 2017 Nanyan Observer Team

The Nanyan Observer team consists of students from various schools here at PKU Shenzhen. They are a diverse and hardworking bunch that continually defy their busy schedules to bring you original English content from our university. TheNanyan.com focuses on articles of interest to international students and those abroad trying to get an idea of what life is like here. … More Meet the Fall 2017 Nanyan Observer Team

Student Profile: Eduardo Meythaler

Eduardo Meythaler was studying business and finance at the Universidad de Los Hemisferios in Quito, Ecuador when he realized he wanted to move to China. While in school, he also worked in the finance department of a construction company whose main client was Huawei—a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturer, which is now the world’s largest. As a result of their dealings, he decided to study Mandarin and pursue a master’s degree here in China. … More Student Profile: Eduardo Meythaler

New Campus Advisors: Yammy & Daniel

The Campus Advisor (CA) Program consists of eight Chinese student leaders that push for cultural integration here at Beida by planning events for international students, assisting with daily things like language barrier issues at the bank, and  just being overall friendly go-to people for any questions about China or Chinese culture. Given the nature of the program, … More New Campus Advisors: Yammy & Daniel

8th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration Held at PKU Shenzhen

On the brisk evening of Friday, November 25, 2016, the Chancellor’s Secretariat Office held the 8th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. What originally started out as a modest get together to share an American tradition with Chinese friends and colleagues has, over the years, turned into an international celebration of togetherness and thanks. … More 8th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration Held at PKU Shenzhen