New Campus Advisors: Yammy & Daniel

The Campus Advisor (CA) Program consists of eight Chinese student leaders that push for cultural integration here at Beida by planning events for international students, assisting with daily things like language barrier issues at the bank, and  just being overall friendly go-to people for any questions about China or Chinese culture.

Given the nature of the program, many of our CAs are very internationally minded and eventually leave to go on exchange. Though we’re sad to see them go, we also get a lot of new great faces. Read about our new CAs, Yammy and Daniel, below:

Yammy, PKU HSBC Business School

Yammy picture

  1. Chinese Name:  王娅婕 Wang Yajie
  2. Hometown: I was born on Yellow Sea Farm which is 200 square kilometers large. It is a small town located in northern Jiangsu province with a beautiful countryside view.
  3. Hobbies: I am a sports lover. Badminton, jogging, and climbing mountains are all my favorite things. Besides that, I also like trying new areas such as cooking, baking, and playing the guitar.
  4. What do you like to do on weekends?
    Sleep…. Plus hanging out with friends or making some food for myself in the dorm.
  5. Favorite food?
    Beef hot pot, which is particularly famous in Guangdong province! Plus sushi and roasted fish.
  6. Favorite place in Shenzhen?
    OCT LOFT, filled with creative cultural stores selling clothes, food, and books.
  7. Why did you join the CA program?
    To continue the multicultural experiences and explore Shenzhen together with internationals.
  8. Advice for international students:
    Learn some basic Chinese! Though it is hard for you, you can explore the really local life with basic Chinese. You can go to the open market and talk with the locals, since most of them cannot speak English. Oh, but you can teach then, haha~
Daniel, PKU School of Urban Planning and Design


  1. Chinese name: 施晓东 Shi Xiaodong
  2. Hometown: Datong, Shanxi
  3. Hobbies: Playing volleyball, skiing, and practicing calligraphy
  4. What do you like to do on weekends?
    I am in the Outdoor Education Program and get to meet diverse challenges on Saturdays with my excellent teammates. I also like to play volleyball and practice calligraphy on weekends.
  5. Favorite food?
    Sliced noodles
  6. Favorite place in Shenzhen?
    Dutch Flower Town, a place with a pleasant smell.
  7. Why did you join the CA program?
    I was an exchange student in Canada, and my international classmates and adviser have helped me a lot which made my experience there great. This time as a host, I will help international students enjoy their experiences here.
  8. Advice for international students:
    Some unusual things could be good clues for you to know more about China.