Faces of Nanyan 人在南燕



Nanyan Observer: Maybe after graduation you could work for others for a couple years then start your own business?

“There was a talk where JD students returned to school after ten years, and talked about themselves. These forty-something-year-old people talked about their lives and experiences. Those ten years after graduation became nothing but a few sentences when they spoke about it. You’d find them talking about finally having the time to do what they really wanted at forty-something; some even started their own start-ups. So the “couple years” of working for others that you’re talking about could very well mean a decade or more. ”


“先打工几年再?” “法硕十周年回来,我去听了,他们那些都四十多岁的人了,讲自己的人生经验。毕业了十年,就寥寥数语讲过去了。你会感到比如说他们四十多岁的人才有时间去做想做的事情,开始创业的什么。所以你刚才说的先打工几年可能就是先打工十几年。”

As told to Wandong Yang