Mirror Lake Association Fair Held for New Students

September 21st was the big day for student organizations to welcome PKU Shenzhen freshmen at the Mirror Lake Association Fair. Various clubs organized by students with different hobbies all displayed their most interesting activities to recruit new members. From the Photography Association to the Astronomy Club, Volleyball Club to the Film Association, Mirror Lake became a treasure trove where students could find just the group to suit them! Though the air was muggy and heavy with looming rain, students’ passion was not at all diminished.


At 11 o’clock, half an hour before the fair, club members set up pictures and leaflets to help freshmen learn about their clubs. Just thirty minutes and one downpour of rain later, students finished their classes and came right to Mirror Lake. Photography Club displayed impressive pictures they had taken, and students from the Volleyball Club directly showed their excellent skills in playing by inviting students to participate in the game. This way, freshmen were able to both have fun and get a better understanding of the clubs.


By noon, the event had reached its peak. All exhibitions were crowded with students eager to learn about the different clubs. The Student Union also provided biscuits and drinks for all the everyone working hard during this event. At around 1:30pm, the welcoming event came to an end, but students’ passion for exploring association life in Nanyan campus went on. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it’s sunny, just like the colorful life on campus.

Reported by Elysia Sun
Edited by Megan Mancenido