A Back Road Bike Tour from Campus

Dashe River Path
A view from the river side path on the Xili end

According to feng shui, the system of Chinese thought that directly relates spatial arrangement with the flow of energy, our Nanyan campus is located in a great location surrounded by mountains and encased by a river. Perhaps you have visited Tanglang Mountain, but you probably have ignored Dasha River, which looks more like a brook and is nothing as grand as its name. However, beautiful scenery is waiting along that same river in the south.

Three standard routes are recommended here, each of which vary in style. The first one is to cycle down the Dasha River to the end and then turn left, where you will travel seaside to the Shenzhen Bay Park. You may feel open-minded as you see the river gradually expand and finally meet the sea. If you start at dusk, you can watch the beautiful sunset glow tinting the sky. You can then stop and rest at the rocky beach with a coconut.

Dasha River_FInal1

The second choice is to turn right once you meet the bay. This route makes you feel as if you are travelling through time. You first bike past the popular entertainment district of Sea World, filled with many restaurants and shops. You will then come across the Chiwan Left Fort built during the Qing dynasty and renovated for sea defense in the Opium War. Continuously riding ahead, the mausoleum of Emperor Shao of the Song Dynasty then comes into sight. From modern day to the past, you will get to know Shenzhen much better.

The third route is to turn left at the corner of Dasha Park and then go through to West Xiangshan Street, where the bicycle lane is cool and safe. The sunlight through the thick canopies of trees provides shade on the ground. When you arrive at the OCT Loft, where the old factories were remodeled to develop creative industries like photography, art, animation and so on, you would find many bookstores, cafés and bars there. Imagine, you could spend a wonderful afternoon accompanied by the aroma of coffee, some light music and your choice of books after cycling.

Shenzhen Bay Bike Path
Bike path at the Shenzhen Bay Park section

Each route can be completed within one to two hours. If you string them together, it becomes a four to five hour cycling adventure. Just remember to be careful even though these routes are on back roads without heavy traffic! If you need company, the Cycling Association of University Town and I are both here!

Reported by Hongqian Zheng