Faces of Nanyan | 人在南燕


When the international students first arrive on campus, I imagine it must be hard because they hardly know anyone, and the language as well, so I try my best to speak some English to make them feel more at ease. But they are all fast learners, and are very diligent as well. I say yi yuan, they can understand, but not when I say san yuan, so I say three yuan instead. They pick it up immediately, and ask if three in Chinese is san? (Just then, an international student comes in and buys something. She beams a smile at her and says very fluently, “Thank you, good morning.”)
那些留学生们刚来的时候人生地不熟的,也说不了中文,所以我就尽量说一点英文,让他们觉得亲切一些。但是他们真的学的很快,而且特别好学,我说一元,他听得懂,说三元听不懂,所以我就跟他说three yuan,他就明白了,还问说three是三?(这个时候一个留学生进来买了东西,她满脸微笑并且非常流利的说Thank you, good morning!)