Meet the New Campus Advisors

The Campus Advisor (CA) Program consists of eight Chinese student leaders looking to help new international students transition to life in China. Each international student is assigned two CAs who they can turn to for basic questions, language barrier problems, or even just advice for where to have the best hot pot! Get to know this year’s new group and join them for some fun around Shenzhen:


Yiqi (2)Yiqi (Qi), 姚奕淇
School of Transnational Law, 2L

Hometown: Shantou, Guangdong. It is a coastal city of Guangdong Province where you could find much best food in the world.

Academic interest: Transnational law / public interest law / sociology

Favorite place in Shenzhen: Shenzhen Bay. I like places by the water, and with fresh air, Shenzhen Bay is a wonderful spot for night view / sunset / sunrise.

Advice for international students: Experience matters. Enjoy the journey, talk to people, understand Shenzhen, China in early 21st century, and reach out whenever you can.


Ironwill (2).jpgIronwill  冯勇
School of Transnational Law, 3rd year

Hometown: Shaanxi Province, northwestern part of China.

Academic interests: IP law and business law.

Favorite place in Shenzhen: Shenzhen Bay where we can relax a lot.

Advice for international students: Feel free to ask help from us.


Fenny (2)Fenny 冯寅
School of Transnational Law, 4L

Hometown: Miluo, Hunan Province (middle China). Famous for delicious food, especially spicy food.

Academic Interest: Most interested in Civil Law.

Favorite place in Shenzhen: Yitian Holiday Plaza. It’s the nearest shopping center to our school with many great restaurants, fashion brands, and a movie theater.

General Advice for international students: 1. Learn to use WeChat and WeChat Wallet, without it you can never enjoy your life here in China. 2. As a CA, we are here to help!

Grace (2).jpgGrace 肖丹
School of Transnational Law, 3L

Hometown: Hunan and Guangxi Province; As a Hunaner, I am definitely a fanatic of spicy food (just cannot live without it)!

Favorite place in Shenzhen: My favorite place in Shenzhen has always been Hongshulin (Shenzhen Mangrove Forest Nature Reserve), since it is one of the few places where I can really slow down and observe the world around me.

General Advice for international students: Learn local culture and overcome culture shock. Make new friends. Travel to different provinces of China, like Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan and etc. Have fun and enjoy life here. And research and study of course.

Academic interest: Civil and Commercial Law.

Celia (2).jpgCelia 衡喜丽
School of Transnational Law, 3L

Hometown: My hometown is Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. It is an ancient city in the Three Kingdom’s Period. The most delicious food in Xiangyang are Xiangyang beef noodles and hot, spicy crayfish.

Academic interest: Arbitration and Criminal Law.

Favorite place in Shenzhen: The Shenzhen Mangrove Seashore Ecology Park. It is a perfect place where you can enjoy shaded walks, cycling, or you can just sit and enjoy the views across to Hong Kong.

Advice for international students: Face directly towards the cultural shock. Engage more in conversations with Chinese people around you to know about Chinese lifestyle, worldview and culture. Do not simply criticize or reject Chinese culture just because it is different from your hometown culture. Try to adjust to the new environment, embrace new lifestyles and enjoy this special experience.

Karen (2).jpgKaren 金霄佳
School of Transnational Law, 2L

Hometown: My hometown is Shenzhen, the young and vibrant city that PKUSZ is located in. As the world’s fastest growing city, Shenzhen has transformed from a small fishing village to China’s technology and innovation hub in just forty years. A lot of exciting stuff to explore here!
Academic Interests: Comparative study between American law and Chinese law.
Favorite place in Shenzhen: Shenzhen Bay Park. The sunrise there is especially mesmerizing. A night stroll along the bay in breezy weather is also very relaxing.

Piece of Advice for International Students: Try as many Chinese dishes as possible, and don’t be afraid of the seemingly strange food (e.g. chicken feet). They are very tasty!

YoYo (2).jpgYoYo 唐艳艳
School of Transnational Law, 3L

Hometown: Dalian, Liaoning Province, in the northeast of China. Dalian is a small beautiful seaside city. People living there are sturdy and simple. It is a good place to spend your summer vocation with your friends in China.

Academic interests: I study anglo-American Law and Civil Law. I love Chinese civil law most.

Favorite place in Shenzhen: One of my favorite places in Shenzhen is Sea World. There ere many bars and restaurant. The most one I love is the bar calls Baia. The burger there tastes good and every Saturday there is a Salsa party which begins at 10pm. Many foreigners love spending weekend there.

General Advice for international students: Enjoy the life in China, there are many places worth to visit. And to make friends with Chinese students and other international students, sharing your thoughts and opinions with them. It is a great opportunity to learn different cultures from each other.
I would be very happy to share Chinese amazing food and traditional cultures with you guys. Please do not hesitate to contact with me when you need some advice.

Jimmy (2).jpgJimmy 肖远进
School of Transnational Law, 3L

Hometown: My hometown is located in Meizhou, a beautiful city in the east part of Guangdong province. Meizhou is the world of Hakka. It is famous for its culture, football and Chinese overseas. There are lots of tourist attractions, such as Yannanfei Tea Plantation, Yinna Mountain, Changtan and so on. There are also lots of delicious Hakka foods in my hometown.

Academic interests: My major is Juris doctor in American law and Juris Master in Chinese law. My interests are primarily in corporation law.

Favorite place in Shenzhen: Xi Chong beach! Xi Chong beach is the largest beach in Shenzhen. The water is very clean there, and there are not so many people compared with Dameisha beach. You can swim there, or you can barbecue with friends there. The beach is so quiet that you can bring a bottle of beer and just enjoy your time in the beach.

Advice for international students: First, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are really in need of it. Second, don’t be afraid of making friends with Chinese students!

Last but not least, a warm welcome to you, dear international students! Welcome to Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, or affectionately known as Nanyan. As you begin to settle down and try to find your way around campus, University Town, and beyond, we will be here to help.


It can seem overwhelming at first, even just on campus, with three universities in the University Town, two subway lines around and  two urban villages surrounding the schools. Not to mention all the food you will get to eat: beef hotpot, Szechuan hotpot, tacos, dimsum, bubble tea (lots of  them), HaiDiLao (you will find out about it soon enough) and much much more. And this doesn’t even include the countless waimai options (food delivery) at your finger tips. Shenzhen is a migrant city and it is an amalgamation of the vastly different cuisines from all over China. You will also find these cultures meet and blend in together in different corners of the city. In an urban village called Shuiwei, a taco bar is right in between a local barber shop and a beef noodle store. Right across it is an Italian bar/bistro surrounded by a hardware shop and a grocery store both ran by villagers. Such is the beauty of urban villages and Shenzhen.

We at the Nanyan Observer will help you make the best out of your time in China and become immersed in the wonderful food, culture, and people!