4 Recent Graduates Share Parting Thoughts

Each year we say good-bye to many young and fresh graduates, and see them off to a new place full of opportunities and challenges. The future is exciting for it’s endless possibilities and surprises. However, we will still treasure the past. We wish all the best to each one of our 2018 graduates and success in your future endeavors!

We talked with a few of this year’s graduates during one of their final days on campus. Take a look at what they had to say:

 Eduardo Meythaler微信图片_20180727165118

School: HSBC School of Business

What is your favorite PKUSZ memory?
The orientation week at the beginning. First, everyone was full of this excitement and anxiety of what was coming. Everyone was super open to make new friends. Everyone was happy to join all the activities.


微信图片_20180727170025Kelly Kou

School: School of Transnational Law

What will you miss the most about your campus life at PKUSZ?
I guess it is the CA program… I felt like I grew up a lot because of this experience and it’s very valuable because I know who I am, and I know what I want, and know people better.



微信图片_20180727170608 (2)Tim Muvunza

School: HSBC School of Business

What was the most rewarding experience for you at PKUSZ?
My experience of TAing and meeting people and friends. I learned a lot. It somehow, to some extent, it made me want to become a better man. Because they would see me as a small role model. I had to do things right.



微信图片_20180727171213 (2)Anastacia Cheng

School: School of Transnational Law

What advice would you have for yourself if you were just arriving at PKUSZ?
I hope I would have a stronger goal for my studies. I would take more time to learn what I really need and make more use of school life because time is really, really precious. And I won’t have more time in the future.