PKU Int’l Students visit Financial Institutes in Qianhai

On March 6th, a group of 40 students and Professor Huang from PHBS had a chance to explore China Capital Institute market, Qianhai Exhibition Hall and Qianhai Financial Holdings.

China Capital Market Institute (CCMI)

The first stop was China capital institute market. China Capital Market Institute, also known as CCMI, is newly located in Xili, Shenzhen. It has total construction area of 110,000 square meters and the institution can host 1,800 people in a simultaneous study session and has accommodations for 600 people. CCMI became a co-established institution by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and Shenzhen Municipal Government on December 3, 2012. Its funding founders are Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, Shanghai Future Exchange, China Financial Futures Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and Dalian Commodity Exchange.

The CCMI was established to train and offer professional education for the capital market. It also aims to become the prime platform of professional education and training services to improve intellectual and talent support for market reform and the growth of the market. The courses are currently open for people who have work experience in capital markets and offers programs to MBA students in Tsinghua University. During the tour of CCMI, students enjoyed seeing the facilities, such as the auditorium, dining hall, student dorms, sports facilities, swimming pool, badminton courts, reading room and library.

At the end of the tour, Professor Geng answered questions from students. Prof. Geng and three other faculty members displayed the love that this institute has for its principles of upholding righteousness, nurturing elites, and reinforcing state foundation while adopting market based professional and international approaches. Today, CCMI is striving to develop into a center for professionals and applied research on the capital market and be further involved in international markets.

Shenzhen Qianhai Exhibition Center

The second destination of the trip was the Qianhai Exhibition Center. Qianhai is a modern demonstration of Guangdong-Hong Kong innovation cooperation aimed towards building a modern service industry. The goal is to develop Qianhai into a demonstration zone for “Guangdong- Hong Kong Innovation Cooperation”. Guangdong-Hong Kong cooperation is a new way of cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Students also gained perspective on their projects through exploring a room with a miniature model of the city.

The Qianhai Exhibition Center itself expresses the ideas of active breakthroughs and structural reforms in new areas in an abstract way. Its expanded and stretched architectural design reflects the future- oriented theme in its simple and impressive spatial language. This special exhibition center is a pioneer and is carrying out various construction projects to make the dry-land the most important. The building is made of a film material with temporary features and is used with the site location.

After the tour at the Qianhai Exhibition Center, students were welcomed to a meeting with Dr. Sun who  mentioned Qianhai’s purpose, which is to have innovation and partnership in the financial industry, centering on the RMB business that promotes the development of Hong Kong as an overseas RMB settlement center. Deputy Monitor of China Studies, Wonsang Kim, raised great questions with Dr. Sun, asking whether he felt positive about the possibility of developing Shenzhen’s financial markets while he was in charge of the border deal with Hong Kong at a financial holding.

The trip to CCMI and Qianhai have given PHBS students the real opportunity to be true leaders.

By Kim, Hyeung Woo and Park, Sangwho


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