Most Picturesque Places in Shenzhen

Capture the beauty of Shenzhen for your WeChat moments and Instagram feed.

The conventional idea about Shenzhen is that it is a new city built from almost nothing in just a few decades. On one hand, this is true: One can’t expect to find dynastic sights hundreds of years old. On the other hand, this thinking sometimes leads to the misguided idea that there is no beauty here. To the contrary, Shenzhen offers a striking number of modern architecture sights which are pleasing to the eye and camera. So let’s get ready to take the tour around Shenzhen picturesque places.

1. OCT Harbor (欢乐海岸; Metro: Line 9, Shenzhen Bay Park Station,  Exit E)

Check this spot out for another take on the Shenzhen skyline with the addition of the boats and ongoing construction. One can also see the silhouette of the China Resources Headquarters. This shot seems to represent Shenzhen past, presence and future.

2. OCT Design Museum (创意展示中心;  Metro: Line 9, Shenzhen Bay Park,  Exit E)

Located inside OCT Harbor, but worthy of a place of its own on this list is the OCT Design Museum. The work of architect Pei Zhu mainly functions as a show space for design exhibitions. Its exterior reflects the curving space of inside.  The smoothness is truly eye-catching and futuristic like a spaceship.

3. Prince Building (汇港购物中心, Metro: Line 2, Sea World Station, Exit B)

If you are looking for some interestingly designed buildings, definitely visit the Prince Building next to Sea World. With its distinct ‘lantern pavilion’ located in the middle of the triangular site, you will have many angles to capture an interesting shot.

4. Sea World’s Water/lights Show (海上世界, Metro: Line 2, Sea World Station, Exit A)

While Sea World offers numerous restaurants and bars, it is also a hot spot to relax with the neighboring promenade by the Design Society Centre (海上世界文化艺术中心).  There is also a water show at 7 PM which can be enjoyed either by standing next to the lake or from an outdoor restaurant.

5. Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre (深圳湾体育中心; Metro: Line 2, Keyuan Station, Exit B)

Characterized by its perforated external steel, it’s the ideal place to take breathtaking and unique pictures.

6. Shenzhen Talent Park (深圳人才公园, Metro: Line 2, Keyuan Station, Exit B)

Shenzhen Talent Park, or Rencai Park, is a newly opened camera-friendly area on the waterfront. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a stroll and enjoy the surrounding modern face of Shenzhen.

7. Convention Center during sunset (会展中心, Line 4, Metro: Convention & Exhibition Center Station, Exit D)

From here, you get an amazing shot of the Shenzhen’s Ping An Finance Center with a subtle sunset glow. If you wait for the sunlight to slowly fade into the night, you will be rewarded by the light play on the buildings located in the area.

By Dominika Mindekova


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