Milk Tea in Shenzhen

A quick helpful guide to ordering your preferred cup of sereni-tea!

There is nothing that milk tea can’t handle; and if it can’t, then have two cups of it.

These days, milk tea is the most popular drink in China. Knowing the best spots in the city is essential for impressing your friends and locals alike. And if you think all milk tea is the same, you are in for a big surprise! The varieties and combinations are endless.

One of the best things about Shenzhen is that it attracts the best milk teas from all over greater China. It may not be as famous as Taipei, Hong Kong, or Shanghai, but if you know what you are looking at, it is still a milk tea paradise.

Be warned! Continue reading, and you may become hooked.

Yi Diandian Tea

Jasmine green tea is with a fresh taste; Boba milk tea is with great chewy pearls and a delicious taste;

Black tea latte is used by fresh milk with a selection of aromatic Ceylon black tea and it is popular all year round. Yi Diandian is an all time common favorite! Shake it till we meet!

  • For a cup of refreshing taste…

Opt for Lemon Yakult, Passion Fruit Trio, Grapefruit juice or Black tea + Ice cream

  • For a cup of milky taste…

Go for Matcha + Bubble, Ahuatian + Ice cream + Bubble or Milk + Brown sugar + Pudding

  • For a cup to keep you awake…especially in a quiz week

Order Coffee milk tea

Coco Milk Tea

Coco is another common choice! And it can be found in many places, that’s to say, you can find happiness as soon as possible!

No regrets guaranteed:

  • Plateau scallions and taro milk tea: It’s carefully boiled from the natural health of the Tibetan Plateau and the taste is smooth, with sweet and soft scallions. It’s added by rich milk tea, and can bring you the pure love of snow!

Passion fruit double cannon: Passion fruit contains a variety of fruit aromas, with high-fiber coconut and chewy pearls. It tastes sweet and sour, rich and layered. On a weary afternoon, it can be a nice choice.

Hidden gems:

  • Strawberry juice + Double ice cream + Coconut: the favor of strawberry and the ice cream mix together. It makes you feel juicy and fresh. When you wanna eat fruits and also wanna try some ice cream, go for it.

Jasmine milk tea + Double ice cream + Taro: the favor of taro, the ice cream and milk mix together and spark your taste bud. If you like milk, taro and ice cream, you should have a try!

Heytea Milk Tea

Heytea is also popular among young people and its cheese milk cover series are fantastic! This series of milk and cheese is very mellow, but surprisingly with fruit tea, it doesn’t taste greasy and even harmony. So when you wanna try some cheese favor but aren’t supposed to feel greasy, try for these series!

  • Succulent grapes
  • Strawberry juice
  • Succulent pomegranate
  • Peach juice
  • Succulent grapefruit

Bobo ice series:

Bobo ice series are popular as well. It reminds you of the bubble milk tea and days with your old friends. Many favors can be selected!

  • Flowing yolk Bobo Ice
  • Taro Bobo Ice
  • Milk tea Bobo Ice

Ice Cream series:

Ice Cream series are created these days. It is connected with seasonal fruits and added by their creativity. These types can’t be missed.

Nayuki Tea

“Complement your one sip of tea with a bite of bread” That’s really a fantastic combination! That’s to say, we can select one cup of tea and bread. Here comes to the tips:

  • Tea recommendation:

Treasure tea series : wangzai treasure tea、taro treasure tea、black sugar treasure tea. The series are launched these days. So much contents with your familiar favor , it won’t let you disappointed.

Fruit tea series: red pomegranate tea、avocado with ice cream、cheese strawberry、orange juice. The series are quite classical and when you don’t have any ideas about what to drink, just go for the series.

Other Favorites

Cuonei Village

The tofu milk tea in Cuonei Village deserve a taste. The milk favor with tofu is really amazing. And it’s not very common in other milk tea shops!


As you can see in the picture, the special is the cover of the milk tea. You can eat cheese milk cap with nuts or other fruits.


hai tea is another recommendation. If you like thai drink or if you never drink, just go for it.

By Raihbooo Yan

Photos: Photos were sources from internet


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