PKU Students Share 2021 New Year’s Wishes

2020 has been a special year for all of us. The sudden outbreak of the pandemic trapped many of us in one place and made many of our wishes hard to come true. This year, we are ready for a new start, ready for a new direction.

Here at PKU Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ), we have a very diverse student body that has had to face a diversity of challenges while responding to the pandemic. However, we are united in readiness to respond to whatever adversity and opportunities we meet in 2021. We collected the New Year’s resolutions of several domestic and international students to send a powerful message of strength as we kick off the new year.

Brandon Stefano (PHBS): 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, me included. But this is 2021 and I’d prefer to see it in a positive light. Therefore my hopes for 2021 are that international students can and will return to China. Graduate smoothly and for me to be able to land a good job to start my career post-graduation.

Wang Siyan (STL): Keep studying Japanese, travel to at least 5 new cities, keep healthy and don‘t stay up late, earn at least one certificate, find my media naranja.

Hu Kepeng (STL): In the new year, I hope to lose weight successfully, hope that the new year is a healthy year, and finally hope to pass the Bar exam.

Arman Manasyan (PHBS): I want 2021 to bring more kindness to the world to establish peace all over the globe and I want people to be united to overcome the challenges during the pandemic.

Leng Shuaiqun (STL): In 2021, I wish I can explore the boundaries of my life and try something new. Also, I wish I could enjoy life better and revise less in memo haha!

Vanessa Phan (PHBS): For the year 2021, I wish that the world can recover from the consequences of the coronavirus and that all people in the world are in the best of health. I hope that 2021 will be a happy, healthy and diversified year and that we international students will be allowed to enter China to finally study at PHBS. I am excited to see what challenges and opportunities the new year will bring. Let’s hope that something good happens to each and every one of us this year. 下一站是亲福!

Raihbooo Yan (SEE): 1. Maintain good health and keep exercising every week; 2. The research direction of the subject has a good result, and the result will be produced as soon as possible; 3. Have the opportunity to travel more, explore more regions, and experience more culture.

Daria Gurianova (PHBS): I hope 2021 to be a year when everyone stays healthy and safe, both physically and mentally. I wish and really believe that international students will return to China in the beginning of the year! Personally, I also hope that this year will bring boost of motivation, inspiration and positive vibes as I’ve already started feeling now.  

We are the directors of our own lives. What’s your plan for 2021?

Written by Wang Haozhe


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