The Unforgettable Year: Review of Top 2020 Articles

2020 is coming to an end. It has been an extraordinary year when we look back. The COVID-19 pandemic spread around the globe. This has been a totally unprecedented tragedy in modern human history in terms of its speed, severity and scale. The whole world has been fighting for the terrible pandemic to end since the beginning of this year. After much struggle and much progress, we are convinced that we can get through the hard times.

2020 Nanyan English Team

2020 also marked the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen being designated as China’s first Special Economic Zone. Over the past four decades, Shenzhen has transformed from a small fishing village into a modern metropolis with a permanent population of over 13 million people.

The English Team of the Nanyan News Agency has achieved new success in the year 2020. A huge variety of articles were enjoyed on WeChat, our website and in the school newspaper. Let’s take a look at what articles captured the attention of the world online at our website Amazingly, we were visited by readers from over 70 different countries! Here are the top 5 articles:   

1. Ychina, a PKU International Alumni and Student Led Media Group, Fights the Coronavirus

When the novel coronavirus was greatly affecting every Chinese person, many international students who have studied, worked, and lived in China shared the same wishes of health and recovery for the country. Ychina and PKU alum Raz Gal Or (高佑思)created popular social media content this year. They were a big voice calling on people to donate masks to Hubei people and reject racism towards overseas Chinese.

2. From Coast to Coast: PHBS International Student Graduate Ricardo Glesse

An international alum who graduated in 2020 from Brazil named Ricardo Glesse told us a story that how he overcame the roadblocks along the way and successfully found his path to a career in China.

3. Restaurant Review: Dian Dou De

Dian Dou De is one of the most famous and local restaurants from Guangdong. It represents the special culture of Guangdong morning tea, or dim sum. If you are a foodie and want to have a try, do not miss this article written by Lewis G-D:

4. Graduates Can Take Advantage of Shenzhen’s Entrepreneurship Residence Permit

Shenzhen, known as “China’s Silicon Valley”, is the birthplace of many innovative industry leaders in tech and has also attracted many corporations to do business here. As an innovation hub, Shenzhen has made moves to allow foreign entrepreneurs to thrive here. The Shenzhen government has a policy for obtaining residence permit for those who earned a degree in China and want to stay to start their career. Check the article to find out more information.

5. Five Chinese Idioms to Stay Motivated

Classes and work moved online, while whatever plans most people had for this year were turned upside down. Keeping each other motivated was more important in 2020 than ever before. In April, we shared some great Chinese words and phrases to learn to help yourself or friends push through the hard times. 加油!

Of course, this list includes only a small part of what we covered in the year. Are you wondering what else you may have missed?

Study always comes first for PKUSZ students. Students spent most of their time in the library or laboratory. In order to better understand the life of students in PKUSZ, Andrew Fong Tsz Hei gave us the article “The Path to a PHD: A Long, Steady & Enriching Research Life.” Also, Raihbooo Yan led us walk into the laboratories by writing an article called “Step into the Laboratory” to provide a glimpse of different laboratories in PKUSZ. Wang Haozhe wrote an article called “New Students on Facing their First STL Exam Week”, which vividly depicted how students struggle to prepare for their exams.

There were many colorful and interesting student activities held in PKUSZ in the past year. May gave us a warm article for 12th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration. We also introduced both Chinese and western cultural knowledge. For example, Miko wrote an article introducing 5 foods Chinese people enjoy for Mid-autumn Festival; Zhang Wendou introduced Halloween in the article : “Amazing Creations from the Halloween Pumpkin Night”. He also reported the dumpling-making party celebrating the Dongzhi Festival. In addition, we had events showing the depth of Chinese tea culture and how to make a Chinese knot . Those articles helped us record the memorable time in our life in 2020.

We also have journalists introduced some good places to visit and relax during the holiday, you can find four different places including Guangzhou, Xiamen, Beijing and Shuangyue Bay in the article: Looking Back on October: Snapshots of Golden Week, where students have shared some interesting stories and good tips if you pay a visit there.

Hopefully we will give readers more articles to enjoy next year!

Written by Xia Zhidan