IP Law Association in China at the Peking University School of Transnational Law

In recent year, we have witnessed the fast development of the high-tech industry in Shenzhen. It is reported that on average there is 1 tech company for every 63 people in Shenzhen and 46 patents are created every day. To keep pace with the ever-changing development, an organized IP mechanism has been established to protect the legitimate interests of rights holders and users.

In 2017, the Intellectual Property Court of Shenzhen was set up in Qianhai, an area of Shenzhen with a great number of tech companies. In addition, Shenzhen is in the process of establishing an international IP protection center to offer systematic dispute resolutions. This would integrate the mediation, arbitration, litigation, administrative confirmation and protection regarding intellectual property. Meanwhile, the legal market, especially in IP law area, has been soaring. An increasing amount of law firms have set up their branches in Shenzhen, including Yingke, Dentons, King & Wood, etc.

Shenzhen Intellectual Property Court

As one of the most innovative law school in China, the Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL) has attracted many outstanding students throughout the country world. It is an intellectually diverse environment with students who majored in liberal arts, science, engineering, and other disciplines for their undergraduate degrees. STLers combine their existing knowledge with law and are dedicated to becoming inter-disciplinary talents. IP law is a great area of law for those with a duel understanding of science and law—many STLers are heading down this career path. Therefore, STL has an association to gather like-minded peers and work together.  

Founded in 2012, the Intellectual Property Association of Peking University (PKU-IPA) is one of the oldest academic associations in STL. Even though it is an STL association, members can come from any department or school in PKUSZ and Shenzhen University Town. The IPA mainly focuses on the fields of Patent Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law and Anti Unfair Competition Law. It has been recognized as one of the “Top Ten Associations of Nanyan” multiple times and has won the “Best Academic Association of Nanyan”.    

IPA Logo

The IPA holds a wide range of activities, including guest lectures, IP law workshops, courthouse visits, as well as enterprises, research projects, seminars and salons every year. It aims to provide a platform for its members to exchange thoughts and share experiences.

This year, IPA members visited the Qianhai court, learning how the one-stop litigation service center works. The members visited the courtrooms where AI has been used in speech recognition and paperless trials. On top of that, the members also got the chance to talk with several judges. The judges shared their deep thoughts and insights on law and kindly gave useful suggestions for future academic and career decisions to students.

Visit to Qianhai Litigation Center
Discussion with members of the Qianhai court

IP rights have been more and more important over the past few years. Not only do they play a significant role in our economic development but also in our everyday lives. If you are interested in IP law and want to know more, it is a good choice to join the PKU-IPA!

Written by Hailey Qiu