Year of the Ox! Final Farewells to Last Year

​Time for the Year of the Ox! How Was Your 2020? Let’s see Nanyaners’ answers!

Year of the Ox – 2021

We have finally made it to the Chinese New Year break! It’s time to welcome the Year of the Ox and look back on what has passed.

We have loved and struggled, cried and laughed together since we first started fighting the epidemic during the CNY break in 2020. During the struggle, there were always some warm and unforgettable moments.

We interviewed more than 20 PKU Shenzheners. Among them, there were freshmen who had just enrolled in school, seniors who were about to graduate, teachers and even foreign students who are still abroad waiting for the opportunity to join us on campus. We hope these memories will make us feel connected wherever we may be spending this holiday.

01 Summarize your 2020 in one sentence

Gillian, Year 2, PHBS, Zimbabwe: “2020 was hectic but we made it through!”

Finale, Administrative Staff, Henan, China: “In 2020, what I lost is what I got.”

Yaociqin, Year 1, SEE, Fujian, China: “Ended the undergraduate study and started a new journey!”

​Guozhiyin, Year 1, SUPD, Hunan, China: “Irregular work and rest this year, I will have a good rest next year!”

02 What did you get in 2020?

Ulvi is from Azerbaijan and a second year student at the PKU HSBC Business School (PHBS). The most exciting experience for him in 2020 was shifting from offline to online education. In the early stages, they were quite hard to take because of the significant teamwork required for online courses. However, after a while, he got used to taking classes online and became comfortable with it. One of the best parts of online education is flexibility. So we can have more time to focus on studies and our career without spending much time on transportation.

Huang Yang is a student in the School of Transnational Law (STL). This is his first year at Peking University. For him, last year, nothing was more exciting than being admitted to Peking University. His undergraduate major was vehicle engineering, and his current major is international law. Talking about why he changed his major, the logic, rigor and future employment of law attracted him even more. At the same time, he also said that the role of a lawyer is very attractive every time he watches a TV series on legal affairs in TVB.

Fang Zixin is a student in the School of Chemical Biology & Biotechnology (SCBB). Similarly, he joined Nanyan as a first year. His happiest thing is that he joined a research group that suits him. The teacher trusts him and is willing to help him. The seniors in the same group are very nice and lively. This group is full of warmth and happiness.

Guo Wenjin is also a freshman. She said that 2020 was a special year for her. At the beginning of 2020, the coronavirus epidemic swept the world. Many people were panicked but the angels in white stood in front of us and carried us forward. She photographed the staff who were disinfecting in the empty community. This was the 13th day the community was quarantined. When the epidemic was well-controlled, the community came back to life. At this time, she received her admission letter from Peking University. She knew she was about to start her next journey in life.

Mumu is a student in the School of Environment & Energy (SEE). 2020 was a very fulfilling year for her. At the beginning of the year, under the opportunity provided by the college, she went to South Korea for academic exchange. After the exchange with Korean students, she took a photo on the street, which became a memory of the beginning of the year. Because of the epidemic, everyone was isolated at home. At home, she also learned how to cook a lot of Chinese food, such as classic steamed buns, noodles and so on. Because of her love for some celebrities, she participated in many projects and jobs with fellow fans. She learned a lot of skills in the process of participating in this community. The moment she received her idol’s signature, she felt that the work she did was worthwhile. Because the epidemic was well controlled, she also went to the school to continue her research work. Because of the characteristics of her subject, she often runs on the road. One day she took photos of the scenery on the road; it happened to be her birthday. These experiences left an indelible impression in her heart.

Lorenzo is from Italy and is a student at PHBS. He said that being forced to live under multiples lockdown and the new lifestyle of social distancing and wearing masks all the time is not good for the mind. He said, as human being we need to constantly to interact with other people. The worst thing is that there are many people who suffered solitude with no friends or family at their homes. Another is that studying online is not the same as being in a class with classmates. Currently, studying online courses is the only option for him. He thinks that being in class with schoolmates and learning together is what really make the difference in our lives. He shared some views of his hometown and looked forward to returning to Shenzhen soon.

Yang Tianjiao is a student in STL. She has been at Peking University for more than a year. In her opinion, 2020 was not so smooth and at times rather difficult. The things around her made her often deny her thoughts. Relationships with family and friends also took a toll on her spirits at times. Fortunately, she took action and found ways to divert her attention and cope. For example, keeping a cat to accompany oneself, learning illustration, learning diving and surfing, etc. We are fortunate to share everyone’s 2020 stories together, and we also hope that these stories, both good and bad experiences, can bring strength to everyone. 

After a difficult year and the recent finals, Nanyaners deserve a rest. Enjoy your break! May the Year of the Ox be filled with compassion and good health. May you have great progress in studies, friendships and the work that brings you happiness.

Written by Raihbooo Yan