PKUSZ Alumni Activity | Tackling Shenzhen’s Splendid New Hiking Trail

In spring, there is nothing better than spending some quality time in nature.

Shenzhen has more than 950 public gardens or parks. Its green space coverage rate of 45.1% in the developed area has even earned it the title of “green city”. Strolling in a park is a common leisure activity for locals.

Wutong Greenway

In Luohu District, a new hiking trail has recently opened to the public, the Wutong Greenway This stretch of trails and walkways is now widely considered the most beautiful greenway in Shenzhen. It starts from East Lake, goes through Fairy Lake (Xianhu) and extends to the north foot of Wutong Mountain. It’s about 14km long. There are three parts of the route: the first part is from East Lake to Xianhu Botanical Garden (about 6km). The second part is from the north gate of Xianhu Botanical Garden to the Wutong River (about 5km); the last part is from the Wutong River to the Henghi Reservoir (about 4km). It usually takes about 2 to 3 hours to finish the whole trail.

Alumni Association Event

On 19 March, a lovely Saturday afternoon, 80 people from the PKU Shenzhen community, including students, teachers and alumni gathered together to explore this new hiking route. The hiking activity was organized by the PKU Shenzhen Alumni Association, which aims to provide a platform to strengthen the ties between alumni and students.

The large group was split into 5 teams, each led by an experienced hiker and two volunteers from the Alumni Association. Every team designed a team flag, came up with a special team name and even created a team slogan. Some teams were very creative and came up with interesting team names and slogans.

Dotted with flowers and trees, the sights of the lakes and the hills along the road are very charming. A special flower called Rhododendron moulmainense (毛棉杜鹃), or Westland’s rhododendron, is a flowering evergreen shrub native to south China and Southeast Asia. In Shenzhen, its flowering period is from March to April. Many people go to Wutong Mountain to get a sight of it.

Recommended route:

Starting place: South gate of East Lake (东湖公园)- Shenzhen Reservoir (深圳水库)- North gate of Xianhu Botanical Garden (仙湖植物园北门)- Dawang Village (大望村)- Wutong River (梧桐山河)- Wutongshan Museum (梧桐山博物馆)- the front gate of Wutong Mountain (梧桐山正门)- Wutong Dak (梧桐驿站).

There are some snack stalls along the way, so it’s easy enough to stop for a refreshment. However, finding a toilet is a little more difficult. We walked the whole greenway and only came across two or three bathrooms.

It’s always important to check the weather before your trip since you would want to avoid rainy, foggy and polluted days for safety reasons and for enjoying the best view.

Transportation tips:

No.10 bus goes directly to the south gate of East Lake. You can catch the bus from Huangbeilin Metro Station (Line 5 and Line 2). Take the bus to the final stop (东湖公园南门总站)

After the hiking, I interviewed some students and alumni, let’s hear what they said:

Fanghui , School of Advanced Materials, Year 1

“In a fast-paced city like Shenzhen where people are working hard and constantly coming and going, one can feel isolated at times. So, our organization held the hiking activity for both students and alumni, hoping to bring people together and enjoy some outdoor activities. More than 100 people have signed up for this hiking activity but we only choose 80 people this time to ensure the quality. Thanks for being interested in our activity; we are planning to hold more activities throughout the academic year.”

Victor Yapmis, PKU alum

“Hi this is Victor from Turkey. I graduated from PHBS in 2019 and I’ve been working in Shenzhen ever since. I know that there are many PKUers living here as well, however due to the busy work culture and fast paced live style in Shenzhen, I didn’t really get a chance to connect with them. I believe the hike was a great opportunity to meet with interesting people who are working in various industries at different levels. Besides it was also a great opportunity to discover more of this young city. I hope the alumni association can organize more events like this in the future where we can have fun :). ”

Xia Zhidan, School of Transnational Law, Year 3 

“The experience was very gratifying, although I have to admit that it was hard. I am not as fit as I expected. This hiking was difficult for me, but it was well worth it. The views and nature were incredible. It was a special day at the beginning of the new semester.”

Yang Yidong, School of Transnational Law, Year 1

“Most people are busy with their work during weekdays and barely have time for exercise. Shenzhen offers an amazing field for hiking. It was a huge delight to finally do some outdoor exercise, to enjoy fresh air, socialize with people and get some vitamin D from the sunlight, not to mention doing a different form of physical activity. It was such a relief from busy study life and seemed a very healthy thing to do.”

Kong Weiqi, PKU alum, 2014 Graduating Class 

“I was so happy to meet with many outstanding students and alumni; talking with them gave me a sense of belonging. Thanks for the Alumni Association holding this activity. I really enjoy it.”

Written By Daisy Xia


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