Restaurant Review: Easy Wraps

Meal pan

Easy Wraps: A vegan restaurant in neighboring Xili offering fresh food, juices, and coffee.

Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Friendliness to non-Chinese speakers: 4/5
Price: 3/5

Vegan and 366 Street? Or vegan and Xili? If you had asked me a month ago I would have never associated these terms together. But to my pleasant surprise, Easy Wraps (一卷蔬食), a small vegan restaurant, has quietly opened on the second floor above McDonalds’ on 366 Street.

Diving right into the fare, the Chickpea Burger is a must-try! It consists of a vegan bun, a chickpea patty minced with corn, and topped with vegan mayonnaise to create a heavenly combo that makes you want more with every single bite. The Vegan Patty Burger is another burger option on the menu, and is satisfying as well. Not a fan of burgers? Then vegan wraps and pasta options are available as well! They can all be ordered on their own or with a set meal that comes with a side salad (kale or fruit salad of your choice) and a drink (passion fruit or organic five-grain drink). Here’s a tip: pay a little bit more for the fresh-pressed ABC juice and you will be amazed by the pureness of the fruit juice and how well it goes with the burger (or any other meal for that matter!).  They also have a small selection of vegan bakery. Don’t forget to try out their vegan cheesecake or durian cake, then grab some beetroot cookies or orange muffins to go!


Easy Wraps is just over three months old, but its presence has been gathering momentum and interests from vegan enthusiasts all over town. It is rare to have a vegan restaurant, and even more peculiar to find it on Xili 366 Street! When asked about their choice of location, the restaurant’s founder, Rayee Hao Rui Hong, told us that initially they were seeking out places in CBD areas near the Technology Park, but due to its high rental fees and the fact that one of the founder lives near 366 Street, they decided on this current location. Co-founder Tracy Zhu Jing added that they expected moms who drop off their kids to be more interested in vegan, but it turned out that they are not so receptive toward new things.

Recently, Easy Wraps has also held several DIY vegan moon cake sessions that are very popular, as well as talks on vegan food nutrition and lifestyle. They are planning to bring more activities to the restaurant so they can build a small but tight community centering around vegan lifestyle. The restaurant manager, Yeda, also revealed that they will be changing their menu in October to reflect the change in season, and an English menu is in order as well. Future events will also be inclusive of the international community so be sure to check them out!

Editor’s note: Though there is no English menu at present, there is typically at least one staff member on site that speaks English and is happy to accommodate you!

WeChat: easypicnic
Phone: 0755-26408852
Address: 2nd Floor of Di Jia Building (above Xili 366 Walking Street’s McDonalds), Tongsha Street, Xili, Nanshan District. Take the escalator through the neighboring flower shop.

Reported by Wandong Yang
Edited by Megan Mancenido

See the whole review in next month’s edition of The Nanyan Observer, to be distributed on campus.